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24 Hour News Room, a trade group that represents theme parks in California, says legal actions being considered to get the governor to allow the reopening of parks sooner. Erin Guerrero with California Attractions and Parks Association, says all options are open right now. Our number one goal. Is to be allowed to reopen responsibly. Obviously, we we love to keep that conversation going and come up with a reasonable timeline for reopening, state officials announced Tuesday. Large theme parks would have to wait until the states and its least restrictive yellow killed Cove in 19 tier city officials in Anaheim said that could be another 6 to 12 months or longer. Executives with Disneyland Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, Magic Mountain and other parks say the state guidelines are arbitrary and have no scientific basis. Report shows hate crimes in Orange County spiked 24% last year following five consecutive years of increases that's been mirrored by the largest jurisdictions in the United States. NEW YORK L. A Chicago all hit near two decade High's state San Bernadino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Director Brian Levin says aggravated assaults in O. C were doubled the national rate. Yosi Hate Crimes report found African Americans were the most targeted group, even though black people make up less than 2% of the county's poppy. Elation. Former President Obama's campaign in Pennsylvania for Joe Biden the most important thing we can do in these closing 12 13 days. Is For us all to model and advertise. It's the cool thing and the right thing to do to vote. He says His administration didn't solve everything but did help make some things better. Retailers are encouraging people to get their holiday shopping done earlier than ever before. Because of the pandemic. The National Retail Federation's Bill Thorne says the last minute shopping traditions of the pre cove in 19 world just won't work this year. You, Khun get the kind of discounts on the deal that you want to have on the things that you want to buy for the family and friends that you want to give to the price that you want to pay, and that opportunity is now taking place. Currently says retailers making holiday discounts available earlier this year to respond to Consumersneeds. Southland weather from Ko Phi. Patchy clouds and fog this morning around 60 degrees clear by midday and a little cooler Heisman sixties at the beaches, mid seventies Metreveli, Orange County, mid eighties inland empire in the valleys a degree or two cooler with a slight chance of rain through the weekend, Right now, in Fountain Valley, 62 Lake for 61, Manhattan Beach, 60 to Marina del Rey 60 degrees really local from the K F 24 hour news room. I'm Michael Crozier. Making her way through Saree does westbound.

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