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Wayne Gretzky was the grandmaster. But without enforcers he wouldn't have had the head to think four plays a head. Liquidates Gretzky me and he had smack on. He was a mad, man. Could you imagine taken some ankle McClellan and McSorley away from the oil is what do you think? Right. Gretzky would be what do you think is head would be? Wayne Gretzky was a skinny Ichiro nineteen Nineteen-year-old coming up, and people thought was w j is gonna get killed believe everyone was in the cord that Wayne Gretzky should not be injured by some person that didn't have the same ability as as he did a lot of times he'd have his back to you. If you really wanted to just put them out of the game. It was there. One. I wouldn't do that to guy. That's just not my personality. I guess the other one might be that I would have to deal with the likes of Davison Mako Mark Veissiere. Kevin McClellan, God knows how many other guys because every one of the guys would have been wanting to hurt you. I mean. Wasn't really what I wanted to look forward to every time. I played the Oilers. Here's some Inca. I think sometimes I get more credit than I deserve for his career. Is he was a great the greatest player that ever played not only were they good enough to play on the ice with Wayne Gretzky. They were also good enough that he didn't wanna go anywhere without them. So when Wayne Gretzky was traded to the kings, Marty McSorley.

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