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Can have to net. Twelve known. Bob Eusler the Mets play the Cleveland of two games on Saturday night. Now, they have one chance to avoid getting swept in Milwaukee. Brewers to ten I bitch in Milwaukee. Which means the teams we'll be back on the field. Fifteen or so hours after the brewers won the longest game in Miller park history took eighty innings finish this marathon. This is Mickey Callaway is going to be tough. We use over bullpen anytime. You play eighteen innings your win. Is nice, but you pay the price for plane eighteen innings the next few days today, the Mets hope to get a well pitched game from Jason Vargas, he takes start against Davieson meeting pitching reinforcements domes- of some relief pitcher Tim Peterson from Syracuse for this game. Coverage of the mention brewers on WCBS eight eighty the Mets for the first time this season a game below five hundred the aggies trying to avoid dropping his series two the twins at the stadium for the first time in five years rubber game of the series Yankees. Minnesota and affiliate face on the mound for the twins. Former Yankee Michael Pineda guest. The star is manager. Rocco? Ball deli joined Randall today on the fan. I'm very excited for Mike Leno enjoyed time here New York, and I think he's looking forward to coming out here and having a third showing everyone that he that in this data versus Domingo her mind or mind is planning one tries to join the race Tyler glass now baseball's only. Six game winners first.

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