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So the magic that I thought was I'm going to go on Oetzi, and I'm going to see if I can find some magical potions to draw the birds in and this is my stupidity. No idea what I was doing. I decided to take some crystal points, and I I actually marinated them and this animal spirit concoction that I bought from the sky on it. And then I place them like a grid. I did not know I was greeting at the time around these bird feeders. What was this supposed to do? Just bring in buds. Sure. I mean, that's what I wanted it to do because it has any parts we had like doesn't feeders up there. And it's like, we're the birds. So I thought I'm going to conscious birds and boy did I conjure some birds. Yes. So for me, I mean. I'm not sure how much of this. The story wanna tell because this is caught involved. It had something to do with coming home. And seeing a giant imprint on you, you'll gloss sliding dole the next day which looked like a bud had crash landed into the window. And and how from I'm trying to remember the because I read the book weeks ago. Now, I'm trying to remember how you started to figure out that there were things in the unseen world in you'll Becca, right? That I had ghosts happened was like everybody else we'll have smartphones. And we all take pictures of just things that are of interest. Right. We just did we take there's a pretty lower. I'm a big picture and put it on Instagram. So what I saw this. I keep calling it. A bird stain bird imprint would probably be a better term. On this window. I took a picture of it. And I texted it to Brenda who has now become a better closer friend. And I said get a lotta this bird stain or bird, whatever, Mark. And I said, and there was no bird on outside the window. Isn't that crazy? And she takes me back, and she's like open your eyes. There's a spook in your picture, and I'm like what? And so I looked closely at the photograph. There's a ghost in the background in my side yard where just for everybody is where I put the marinated crystal points from concoction from Oetzi and a grid. So it was a it was a humanoid Figaro just a face, and it was a human figure. It was like a woman, and it looks like she was wearing a long dress. And she looked kinda mad. But that's that's what it looked like. And of course, because this is where the movie business comes into play. We're the studio that made poltergeist. Okay. So I think that's important note. And I think it's important to note that Hollywood has absolutely an utterly ruined ghosts. Because we've made them all evil and bad. Yeah. I agree. And so naturally, I think I opened a goes portal to you think you have been goes poodle old did Brinda suggest you open to goes poodle. She had said make sure you didn't open a portal. And like, I don't know how to go about that. Julia. The loss thing you want to do is open a portal. So tell me an appeal. Tell me didn't open to memorial. And I'm like all right, then I'm going to buy a truckload of sage. And that's when there was really the most fascinating turn of events happened. Not that all this stuff isn't because it's kind of fascinating to tell you the truth. But this was really pivotal that. I started burning sage I mean, I was burning sage I had I had deal with his native American woman like to get her crop pretty much, and I'm very resourceful to if you're obsessive you have to be also resourceful. So I start boarding sage constantly. And there was a an I, and I had my my lab Homer named after the cartoon character, another philosopher, we would go walk the perimeter of the house burning this sage and one day. I didn't burn it all so I sat outside with it to let it burn down. Because I was also girl scout. And I knew not to, you know, leave ovum flames. And again here comes the whole iphone thing. Right. I pull out my phone, and I just started taking pictures of the smoke. I don't know why..

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