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The markets and their investments our listeners can speak to their Steve financial advisor to learn more. Thanks, Michael, your path to investment advice starts with your steel financial advisor. Find yours at Stephan dot com, that's STI F E L dot com. Steeple Nicklaus and company Inc. Member SIPC at NYSE. The backyard's looking great, rob. Thanks, man. I was planning on adding a deck too. No one could contractors. Why don't you just ask? Homeadvisor. Home what? Homeadvisor dot com. You just tell them about your project and they match you with local pros that can do the job. Nice. But how much does it cost? A homeadvisor's totally free to use. Plus, you can read customer reviews, check pricing and book appointments for free. What's the website again? Homeadvisor dot com or just download the free homeadvisor app. Like to say that if you don't like the weather, wait, ten minutes. Hi, I'm RIC Edelman, and that's great advice for the stock market to it's easy to get upset when the market falls. But what we have to remember is that this too shall pass that's easy to say. But sometimes it can feel hard to do. So in times like these. When stock prices are swinging wildly one day to the next making you worry that your financial future might be at risk. Here's the advice, you need don't feel that you have to go it alone. I invite you to talk with one of my experienced, financial planners at Financial Engines. Let's take a look at your investments and see if they're doing what you need and expect will either reassure you that you're doing you should be doing or we'll give you recommendations to help. You get the peace of mind you need. So you can well wait for the sun to shine. Once again, call us a triple eight plan RIC. That's triple eight plan RIC or visit us at RIC Edelman dot com. That's rice, Delman dot com. Coast to coast AM tonight at midnight on six hundred and ninety two point one FM. Folks, don't doubt man this stuff. Netflix announced today, they're going raise their their streaming price their subscription.

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