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And I tell you what it's there's no secret. It's awesome car. Danny amendola. I love the fact that you watch our show, and you're good sport about it fan. You are always welcome on our show, Danny and thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you calling. Appreciate it yet. Danny amendola who it should be noted last year in that Jacksonville game. Gronk got hurt. Element was out Danny amendola, single handedly. And I'm not joking on this took apart that Jaguar secondary. How many of you? Remember that gronk was hurt concussion element was out and they just Danny amendola. Eight the Jaguars on live. No more criticizing amendola. Also, very exciting. Nathan yukon. I mean, you're buying a new car today. Genesis. Yeah. Said you're gonna buy whatever he's pushing. Are you doing the Goodell thing or do you want me to touch on it? You got it in your run down here. I do not now. Okay. I will Roger Goodell's talking. I'll get to it. And just a second joy Taylor of the news. I heard on the news. This is the heard line news. So Lawrence Taylor was the base of the eighties. Giants that wants to Super Bowls basically on the defense that he led many dynasty was also the launching point of career young assistant coach at the time. Maimed Bill Bella checks about checks always given a lot of praise LT. Tom Brady also did help establish break Valla checks lake seek quite a bit. So let's watch his willingness in the difference between him willing to name either. One of them the goats. Erin donalds a great football player. I wouldn't put anybody had Lawrence Taylor Lawrence. Did it all? And and did it all for thirteen years. And eat dominated. He dominated games. Taylor's, the best I've ever seen certainly the best I've ever coached. Now, his great quarterback certainly put him up there against anybody. But. You know, I don't really feel like it's my job to to rape people. So L tease the Greenwich I've ever coached. Then Brady it's like, it's not my job to rank who, you know. It's a very weird thing he does. And maybe maybe once Brady and Bella check are no longer on the sidelines together he will change his tune on this. I have a strong feeling that he will. But he has been consistent about LT throughout his career in saying that he is the greatest player. He's the second. He's talking about player in overseeing play football. I if you're if you're asking me the five best players ever seen in my life..

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