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A super but no this really happened for the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on espn radio all throughout the day season two of brock meyer premieres april twenty fifth on ifc got your mets fan how do you feel about the entire tim tibo experience you've got sandy alderson i can't believe that he is still in baseball the general manager of the meant was old when i was covering baseball in nineteen ninety three he was all when we were i he was open i was a kid and now he's still old and still running the mets and what do you make of him saying that the mitch can afford tibo is going to be in the big leagues that his projections are that at some point tibo they expect them to be in the big league okay i'm i'm fine with that whether it you know whether or not he deserves to be in the big leagues or not whether or not it's a money grab or not and i suspect it's probably more money grabbed than it is anything i'm totally cool with that the actual upon me that's the actual catchphrase of the mets this season that says that on city city it does us more of a money grab anything promotional giveaway tibo more of a money grab the whole the whole the whole team everything those are like giveaway date it's more of a money grab than anything bad day as a met fan now we've had precious little to be excited about so i mean who cares it's empty bo comes up he takes a couple of hacks a lot of people come out to see him i'm good with brock meyer loved jim brock meyer love or hate tim tebow we'll love absolutely adore tim tebow i mean i'm i'm in a public record about i loved him as a football player too i mean he had the the leadership of ray lewis combined with the throwing ability of ray lewis.

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