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What you need now from the Cairo Radio New Center streaming on the Cairo radio APP. People are paying tribute to brothel Police officer Jonathan Shoot who was fatally shot while pursuing a suspect after a traffic stop last night. A second officer was wounded and is expected to recover. This woman is one of many people leaving flowers and other tributes outside City Hall. We're just so thankful for their service and for their families soccer face that they make every day, not knowing if they're going to come home or what their day holds. The suspect was arrested early this morning. Washington State is seeing a disturbing rise in Corona virus cases. They have grown fairly dramatically over the last month and then our higher on a daily basis, and when we hit what we thought was a peak a couple of months ago Because of that governor Jay Endsley has just announced that no more Corona virus restrictions will be lifted for a least the next two weeks. In California. The spread is so bad the businesses are getting ready to close down again by orders of the governor. Just yo yo is messing with us mentally and emotionally, that salon owner says she had just reopened. Florida has surpassed its one day record for Corona virus deaths and has the second highest average deaths per day in the U. S behind only Texas. CBS is Daniel Bacchus reports in Florida. More than 8000 people are hospitalized with the virus. Miami is now the Epi Center off the pandemic. What we were seeing in Wuhan six months ago five months ago. Now we are there and in Arizona went out of every four people tested is positive. The White House today reversed a new rule that would have forced international students to leave the U. S if their college only offered online learning during the pandemic. The rule was criticised by university's students, tech companies and states, including Washington, which filed a lawsuit. Your Khyber Radio forecast calls for mostly sunny skies today with highs in the upper seventies it 77 degrees in downtown Seattle. I'm Heather Bosch Stream Cairo Radio at home on your smart speakers. Cairo Radio at my northwest dot com Cairo Radio Your first source to know and understand Corona virus. Give me some more. 778 No, Tom, Okay, I e. L kill mortgage. I was shaving this morning. Look in the mirror, and I thought to myself keep boggles. No, I was thinking I have not seen you seen your face since. Like what? 20. Like 19th of march. I think that's that's right right after a ST Patrick's Day. I don't want if I what if I were to run into you? You come in here for some reason, and then only have and then the world was for afters. Anybody seen Tom does not look good like Tom looks great..

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