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The hit caa i mean where it's absurd it's absurd they could talk about like anything they could talk about the hit tv show this is us but they can't break down it odell beckham juniors preseason practice habits here today i saw that made me laugh but the rest of the interview was basically shurmur telling you we don't know we don't know what we're gonna do that yeah i happy to see balls talk about wilkerson you know it very well and he's going on about what basically paraphrasing what a wonderful you being on the plan had with bobbitt come on seriously ziad hit the bottom of the bonded great yeah mailed in it for two years and and basically didn't know never should wait all the time a man bond was at here's the funny thing about the nfl as compared to any of the sport ripe so take joe 'kim noah joe kim nola is gonna get a freaking dime episode to hear wallets the nba that's the nba by muhammad wilkerson got the big contract right you even said it's like he got the contract didn't wanna play football anymore that's what a looked likely to problem is you'll lose money when you do that she is not all of it was guaranteed horse every essay how much did mo end up with from the jets taking that contract that he signed the only ended up collecting like thirty million dollars and what was it like ninety stopped and cry so if he actually would have played better and a part of it was injuries but a part of it wasn't injuries but it via played better he he got more money so he lost money based on his subpar play it's not like these are the sports where you can get your contract not give it to him to get to get every die that's the nfl mean you you know it's not all guaranteed money that's for sure can be very curious to see what he's not even wear but.

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