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They have what they need, but you lose Trevor REEs and you lose lucrative him by Mugabe, and you need guys who can come in with a defensive edge. James Ennis could be that guy. We're not sure, but Carmelo has never been the guy. You plug into a game and you go, this guy's going to change all of our momentum. By the way he plays defensively, he's a guy who can get hot and score. He had plenty of chances to do that last year in Oklahoma City. It didn't happen. I don't think he is the right fit. Fit for what this team needs right now? Well, it all comes down to whether he decides to play the role that he best fits in for that team or whether he messes things up, trying to put himself on a par with the other veterans that can still get the job done at sarahspain, Nick Fidel, Spain, and Fitz on ESPN radio at the SPN up and Sirius XM channel eighty. If you're wondering my my voice sounds like this. It was a part of it was epic. We'll get to it later, but just just to let you know it's a little bit of hashtag party voice. Speaking of voices. One will not be renewed for the LA clippers and that's one Bruce Bowen. And the reason behind it is sort of fascinating. He was under contract with Fox Sports west to be the clippers TV game analysts. Next season. The clippers do not technically employees him, but they do have a very significant say in who does the color in the play by play for their games, and they decided that they did not want Bowen to be extended because he had made some comments about why. Leonard last July. Or when did he say you see last July and said, there were a lot of excuses going on and he didn't need ingredient it. And now he's out because the clippers maybe want to try to get him in free agency. Next offseason it's all image. It's all about perception. Serra. It is so difficult for a person in Bowen's role to have an opinion on anything else that may hurt or harm your team. He is collateral damage now and he's not going to be the last guy who loses his job because he said something maybe at a turn in the organizations is thing that stinks about that. Is that what you're hiring for? Right, right. And I get it. It's a tough gig. If you're a play by play long, maybe you're not supposed to be saying anything, but it wasn't even about someone on their team if was about a guy had another team who's not even yet on their team coming up, the Browns are going to Browns and guess what they've kept Brown's ING. It's next Spain and Fitz..

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