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Probable cause to keep the couple that is accused in the murder of a 67-year-old Renton man behind bars. The couple did not appear in court detective say last Wednesday thirty nine year old Jeremy Shaw pepper sprayed. The victim bludgeoned him over the. The head until he died the next day. Investigators say the two handyman found the dead man, wrapped in a comforter tarp with his hands and feet tied up. Deputies say Sean his wife Lorena Shaw stole the man's belongings, including his car, which they burned into coma. They're expecting in court for a bail hearing tomorrow afternoon to teens accused of robbing and Auburn gas station after the clerk there suffered a heart attack. Earlier this month have been arrested at Jamie Douglas is a commander with the Auburn PD thirteen year old had three warrants for his arrest. Seventeen year old had Italy five warrants for his arrest warrants for them. Was referencing incident at the gas station surveillance video captured what happened September eighth one. Boy seen opening a pepperoni stick. Then handing another to the second team the clerk collapsed after arguing with boys who then took cigarettes cash from the register ran away drill inside the new highway ninety nine tunnel earlier today or two series of incidents. One was a very simple accident where it turns out that somebody was on TSA watch list. And the second incident is a multi-car multi multi vehicle cars and buses. A number of injuries. A fire spokeswoman Laura newborns says the idea is to fine tune their response before the tunnel opens early next year cost to writing and Everett transit is going up. Komo's Eric Heintz tells us fares are doubling beginning. Next year city council approved the fare increase on Wednesday. The increases will happen to stay just starting at the beginning of twenty nineteen but July twenty nine thousand nine hundred fares for adults and para transit riders will increase from a dollar to two dollars. Fares will also increase for youth seniors and disabled passengers the agency plans to introduce a low income fair which could go into effect as early as next summer. Everett transit, which has one of the lowest fares in the region proposed the increase as the agency faces a budget shortfall. Eric heintz. Komo news back to the cavenaugh hearing, Dr Ford opened her testimony today by saying she was terrified words that hit home for many survivors. One U dub student says she faced hostility Jetta testify against her attacker comes Jennifer Sullivan, spoke to her is terrible to have people questioning your character. When all you did was come forward and tell the truth it's been three years since the horrific night that changed everything for Megan free. I..

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