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A good. Your shitty voice. Who is your very first celebrity crush. Well i i'm sure i can. I can recall many If there's a way to narrow it down to ten i i i li- like the formative one. I mean 'cause i can. Yeah it's like. I could think of all trying to figure Just wanted to be. I just want this to be special justice. Would you wanna be lifelock rifle off. Like i fell off no Term but I could say in juny sir. I could say meredith. Sound your dream dream or heather. Graham lexus drive. But i'm not gonna do that. I wanna think of 'cause you want to respect the one stumped. I don't know where you a big star wars not yes average average stayed with me and like i'm not a big one. Now can i guess too. But can i guess the bug that you're gonna say yeah but in return of the jet i we were five. Four five we started. Did you see it in the theaters. I don't remember well i remember. I think that was probably the first time i saw. Somebody liked wearing somebody like something like that. but fishermen. now here's my but okay. Everyone always talks about the gold bikini. No one ever mentions that. She's fucking chained up. Yeah interesting. I noticed that You know it's like the you know. I guess it's like the faeroe. Whoever played in king kong she's also like captives and there's something yeah. I don't know primal about that. I think to if he was just walking in a bikini might not have had the same effect as shaver view of your job. That needed rescuing. That's true and somebody that you knew you were more appealing. I mean i. I knew at five more appealing job high in a needed needed desperately need of a hero yet. Although you know i think. She sorta saved herself by strangling as well. So she you know she had independent. She was yeah. You know there's something to that the wanna dig too deep but Also i think can kong's been canceled. Well well if if it comes to if there's somebody that because now i'm thinking it's tough 'cause there during that time I'm thinking we probably have similar touchstones and you don't want to say too. Many you get the. I'll tell you i don't know if you ever see this is also married it sound or from Drian but Night in the likes of jimmy. Weird with my phoenix galloway. We don't tell me Don't tell me it was Yes it you gotta tell me. It was She's the queen. Half mathis no pump divine samantha. Mathis might as well what we can. Just say her. The oak paul know who we couldn't watch r. rated movies. My parents were pretty strict about the gym..

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