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From the privileges of American citizenship that they have a right to so. Let's talk about the response from the press us from Democrats. To what trump did you know in in your piece you had criticism for. Both let's take each you mentioned this weekend that you agreed with crooked editor in chief Brian Butler that it's the job of reporters to bear witness faithfully what does that. What does that look like to you? I mean maybe it means telling the truth about what's happening. Even when power is trying to convince you otherwise you know something that there was a dispute towards the end of the Bush administration over whether to call waterboarding torture torture because that was essentially not about whether or not waterboarding was actually torture it was about the fact that the Bush administration was contesting the definition of waterboarding torture because they didn't want to admit that they were torturing people now with the racist chant U._C.. Something similar like go back is Literally Textbook Racism. It's referred to by the equal opportunity. Employment Commission is like a textbook version of racism so to say well. We don't know if this is racist or call to caught racially charged or racially tinged is as to concede to power <hes> disability to create controversy around facts when there actually is no controversy <hes> so when I'm echoing Brian's <hes> admonition to to bear witness faithfully what I'm referring to is not concede need to power the ability to create controversy where none should exist and then on the Democrats you know everyone should read the piece but I do WanNa read one passage because I think it was particularly devastating Democrats now hold the house and they are. I'm not holding trump back. The president has a better to attack in American democracy. He has obstructed justice. He has vowed to turn federal law enforcement on his political enemies. There are squalid camps at the border where families are being separated and children are being sexually assaulted their existence justified as a necessary response to a foreign. Earn invasion trump has sought to rig American democracy in favor of white voters and refuse to recognize the oversight authority of Congress and now a sales the cornerstone principle of multiracial democracy that none of us is more American than any other. If the Democrats convince themselves that anything they do to attack the president risk alienating white voters who believe the country belongs only to them and they will be partially responsible for the path that country is taking what in your mind would democratic leadership that meets this moment. What actions would that entail <hes> I I think it would entail more rigorously fighting the administration in terms of calling witnesses and turning in terms of subpoenaing documents in terms of pursuing investigations but it would also entail a more rigorous defense of the principles of multiracial racial democracy against the president? I believe <hes> Pelosi's response after the all these tweets was <hes> united said what I'm going to say. I'm not gonNA say anything else. I mean that is the Marco Rubio approach to presidential <unk> tweets. It's insufficient in the United States is facing someone who simply does not believe in the principles of multiracial democracy that have guided this country since nineteen sixty five that is an existential threat to those of US whose Americanise might reasonably be questioned under a regime that states that only white Christians are real Americans. I in the Democratic Party cannot exist without those constituents and should be doing much more forceful job of defending them so it seems you know when you pull back from specific moments specific moments to offer rebuke to to speak more forcefully against the president seems that there is a kind of feeling that Democrats in Congress are not fulfilling the mission that voters sent them on in twenty eighteen <hes> that seems to be informing a lot of the internal democratic fights between the squad as we now call them and the leadership <hes> that seems to be informing a lot of the criticism of the way <hes> leaders leaders like Colossians Schumer and people like Jerry Nadler have responded to trump's you laughing at the face of efforts to hold him accountable. Do you believe that there is pressure that can be brought to bear that could get Democrats in the house kind of to step up to this fight in a bigger way to kind of to kind of rise to this moment..

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