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Station I or something I don't know, but I was wondering like, don't they? Just made a mad dash for the closest station we got. You got what you got. Yager got to stay close to his wherever his body was. As upsetting that was I didn't feel like this episode was leading me to a gregory. Elimination and I'm just very protective Stephanie. Felt like a Stephanie. Pasta. Yeah, it felt like Stephanie. Finger rockets to the sky had a great run and let me give you a really mind like accounting of how I went out. That's absolutely what it felt like to me. The entire time I was watching it because you're not really seeing a lot of like what's going on with with Gregory's back being baked into the cooking. Keeps you out in actually, Josh? I. It didn't seem like there was a ton of that like in the actual kitchen. It was really mostly just confessional stuff. It did seem like the kind of content. You would get like looking back. Yes, pretty. Awful. Because, we've had it before like I. Remember Sheldon a few seasons ago. Like remember when he winged his back and. Getting rid of act, but no, he just sort of like. was you know a bit of disrepair for a few episodes? So or are you trained to study the reality TV at it? Having been a reality TV star. Did you sing red. Alert. are seeing the dealer of the group shaking her head A. Read like Gregory exit to you, were you? Were you swipe at all by the result?.

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