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Folks we're heading in from Conyers I. twenty westbound the area to avoid all lanes blocked the crash at Evans mill road exit seventy four Mike shields at the nail on the head coming highway going to be your best alternate I swear I you hit your neighbor's car you knock on his door and what happens at all I told what happened you know and if you start to get really blessed to go bad ugly dog it's all here for six months US of Daniel place to park at what is so long to call police so we don't have to do that you're not on call so we show up in any yeah see what happens as we will well what happened to it okay I need to see your driver's license registration and proof of insurance so I give it to all of them hello my neighbor needs your registration your proof of insurance and our neighbor says well I don't have any proof of insurance police officer said you have to prove insurance you so well no not right and what not not not this minute I don't and a large on the street yeah anyhoo back all my all my information is that Sir you're free to go but do the rest your neighbor I don't know what do I do it back inside I got my car and took off yeah because I think if if your car's not insured it's on a public street that's a violation of long gory code three eight nineteen that is it yeah right four oh four eight seven two zero seven fifty one eight hundred W. as we talk talk way he tell my goodness gracious sorry Sunday hang on but little son he's with the suit where the truth seeker the Asker unanswerable questions he joins us every Tuesday and Thursday the marker show these big Sonjay with would you rather how his son Jay I'm doing well long falling asleep at the wheel he's a he's a little busy area is where the marker and show us what you're by the way so we don't get props that much what let me ask you little son Jay do you ever wear the marker switcher we got your now it's too small what to you well a you media is really to song you think it is I didn't get a mark am source man we gotta wanted we don't I gave you everything else that I didn't all right outside of the village check the price because it anyway Sunday songes gonna ask us on ansible questions I'm sorry newlywed side is going to ask us a nice will questions we're gonna answer here in the studio feel free to play along your car what's the first question Sunday all right just be lifted the state that night I DO see beautiful bride all right would you rather run out of toilet paper while taking a number two or run out of hot water in the middle of a shower middle of the shower mantle of the shower definitely middle I mean like I mean like you're all lab yeah I guess I get a hold rather the yeah I get it I do take a quick shower the Roy I have royal bathers much like prince I came so they'll have to deal with that but yeah I'm not right and out of T. P. in the middle of a number to Charles without question run out awhile yeah Longoria water you know want to go through the day with toilet paper at the C. that's that's why I've I feel so lucky that I'm I'm living in the time that I am now as imagine the Middle Ages when you whatever they were doing believes in pot pies whatever they were I don't know whatever whatever they would clean up down there I just I wasn't working that Charmin ultra soft I mean I think the lord for every time I use it all right next question Sunday all right number two would you rather drink milk with the I. four drink orange juice immediately after brushing your teeth is milk with ice a bad thing weird I mean it's weird but the the where is that yeah if you try to get them before the ice melts you'll be fine I'll do milk with ice yeah I think milk with ice is easiest yeah that that taste of of orange juice after brushing based yeah I'll go I'll go milk with ice but I'll go whole milk with ice yeah you can choose whatever I do know that the sinking of the ice water it down I'd rather have whole milk yeah Marty if I don't get to mail is basically water down right yeah so I'm gonna go just to be more specific whole milk with ice you can get the lactaid milk to yeah one mobilize all right next question Sunday were unanimous would you rather have a car that never runs out of gas or car that does not require maintenance so Clark Howard's test line or a car that is never make no maintenance needed I'll go car would never runs out of gas yeah never runs out of gas I can I can do some stuff on my card yeah I think the cost the cost wise never having to pay for gas you'll you'll save more money than ever getting your car fixed thousand percent again yeah yeah Yeahs Longoria putting yes we're still unanimous on to keep going buddy okay would you rather have usually would you rather wear pants with the elasticity gone for ever more stock with a big hole at your big toe for ever now I don't have a chance with the last yeah it's me sweat pants I guess yeah your weapon hands all day we think we were fat guy yeah I'm maternity I guess I don't know I guess the holes in the socks but look so I don't know about you guys I buy underwear like every fifteen years and I look at that when I say this I thank you yeah I don't remember the outing my wife my wife is all that stuff otherwise it wouldn't have gone like at the end of the fifteen year cycle yeah and the elasticity is going and so this morning like I've I've toward the end of the the wash cycle in and all I had left this morning were like really old old they know alas this the left it where it's like they're they're not it almost wrinkled gathered at lightweight yeah yeah so I'm I'm definitely that yeah so my first day of vacation I'm going to buy new underwear yeah it's been a good run yeah these boxer briefs have taken a big deal you know a decade and a half if that's what's gonna be twenty twenty and the new one yeah anyway so I guess I'm going to stock never let my husband's under it that way I know all right I got to run to the store yeah well the problem is so I always in my laundry out so my significant other never sees the elasticity yeah the lady at by you yeah I wonder where he should be like you what do you do Hey at least you're there exactly yeah no wars please you little notes that several of them out one at a time like yeah you never know yeah charcoal or pants or whatever that I I guess the hole in the song yeah yeah I guess the whole inside we were last time I had a hole in the side I know it's annoying but it's been a while Hjalmarsson your question yeah go ahead mark did you ever find that holy grail undershirt no but you were looking for eight hours ago David Taylor extra tall extra large I'll pay a hundred dollars for brand new white extra tail at David Taylor extra wide extra large yeah I do not find out real quick last question Sunday all right would you rather go bald or have here they grow so fast you have to shave multiple times a day the gross fast at the she multiple times a day balls wear way too small it's the dead shaving twice a day on the ball you go bald here the girls fasten your hair does grow Panago ball yeah exactly neither no offense to the only cut your hair it's every six months good acting Siggi believe it or not is the official account of the mark and she'll find him on Facebook brass tacks accounting or brass dot taxes the website right yes I got it merry Christmas happy new year Sonjay we'll talk to you twenty twenty buddy my man.

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