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And we'll bring water and life to as many as a thousand parishioners in rural Uganda for up to twenty years in this jubilee year of mercy, why not make this your act of mercy in Jesus. Name to wells all the life dot net and make a personal donation wells. Of life dot net. Larry elder eight sixty AM the answer. Setting fire to the airwaves. It's the Larry elder show. I don't understand the confusion the Covington kid. Being targeted by CNN and social media an actors medians that actually like. I don't understand what the confusion. Light guy and some, but you know, what they have to make good way to get high. And you know, what that is? Trump and Trump. I mean, come on, man. All the races thing because you know, what what are you going to do? I'm heated up onto the bully. And a lot of them are white liberals. They wanna find Nazi that we can get away with it. Because they think fighting whatever they wanted to kids. Lovey Larry, triple eight nine seven one Estee GE triple eight nine seven one seven two four three larryelder. Relieffactor dot com. Studio Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks is quote seriously thinking of running for president close, quote as a centrist independent. Carla Harris has also announced her candidacy. And she is going to be doing a town hall hosted by CNN this evening. Sad.

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