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This is in a way worse than just a small it because Jesse small at what he did took up a huge amount of police resources and all these other things, but this guy is actually in the news business, theoretically. Well, mother Jones. Yeah. Is far left magazine. But yes with a lot of to mother Jones for the news. We have Sam stone in the center ring of the conservative circus. He is the chief of staff or city councilman out assist. Yo, you know, what to your point? I mean, you in your article, you go all the way through what happens how how this branch of government works. What you did? I mean, they were on top of it. And the fact that they went and checked every bathroom, stall and sky harbor is a massive waste of time. But also goes to the to the point where they were trying to find this. And it turns out to be a bit fat hoax. But samsung. I do have a problem with the way you approach this whole thing, if you don't mind be correcting, you giving you should have waited for a few days for this thing to blow up. And then you expose the hoax. And then you know, what it'd be it'd be bigger. But to that question. Do you think this is going to go anywhere? Well, I think that the reason it hasn't already is that because there's a lot of people. I mean, this is you know, this guy got a couple of hundred re tweets on his his original post. A lot of those are people who have the famous blue Twitter checkmark for you know, verified accounts, these are big name people, and the fact that it didn't blow up yet Mace may suggest that some of them know that this guy is, you know, questionable on his ethics, and truthfulness. But as we found out there's zero basis, and you know, I think this does need to be blown up. I think when you have someone who purports to be in the news media to pour it purports to be a reporter, the bureau chief of a major national publication, and they've done something like this, and there is zero proof. This man needs to be called on the carpet. We know it won't happen. Liberal media will protect their own. We have Sam stone. He is the chief of staff for city councilman sell desist CEO in the center. Ring the peace can be found. Arizona daily independent. It's called mother Jones bureau chief fakes hate crime at sky harbor. I have to tell you as a watchdog politician near the city..

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