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And I'll be keeping them at home. I think there are teachers offer kids, and it's only right for us to support them. But then I spoke to another mother Anna Peraza who learned of the strike, and then was told by an administrator after dropping her kid off just today about the resources that will be allocated on the campus if a strike were to occur there were only assigned three three. I guess I don't know. What would you call it like three people come in help for the whole school? Was she said like a window lady won in the during a need? I have mixed feelings. I gotta live. I don't wanna bring my daughter or not. I mean, I don't know. It's confusing. So at least three people are assigned to the school for all of the children. Not in a supervisory role. They're not teaching them anything. Yeah. Ultimately, I mean that that's a school of you know, by last count about seven hundred. So you know this. This woman said that she will still maybe take her kid to school and see how it works out that first day of the strike if a strike is to occur, but then kind of gauge from there, but yeah. Three people for an entire campus. The kids going to be doing. I mean, if we look back on previous strikes, the one in eighty nine, you know, you've got hundreds of kids that are kind of shuffled into a gym or an auditorium. And I'm not sure they watching movies. You know, I did talk to superintendent Austin beaten her yesterday. And he said there are ways to educate kids that don't rely on physical body that you know, maybe they can use computers or ipads, or used technology is what he said. But I think you can kind of gauge the reality of what an educational experience might look like if there's a handful of staffers there for hundreds of kids, bright high schools, you're talking about kids cutting class come on. Oh down on. All right. So the teachers are all going to be walking the picket lines. But there will be some staffers who will have to go to schools, right, right? If you're a non UT LA number or someone who's paid hourly and are protected by the unions, like a woman, I spoke to this morning ruby Vasquez. She is paid hourly she is a special education aid in the classroom. And so by contract, she says she has to be there. But she also has two kids that attend Saint Peter street elementary. So she's an interesting situation. Our contract says we have.

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