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Okay, in every way possible to start Take Sari and change has no off even remember that. Absolutely Hey, Bernie. That's fantastic. Great, great wind and I congratulate eighth minute roll. Keep doing your thing, my friend. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks a lot. All right. Thank you guys. So much Britney sites. The pride of Syracuse University. Also the L. A. Sparks, winning the eighth in a row tonight, joining us in Freddy and Fitz Simmons on ESPN radio. He's in Fitzsimmons. I'm Freddie Coleman, and they weren't worried about people. Checking them out. But they made their voices heard by saying, Look, we know other sports are doing but we're going to do it our way. The WN ba away and they're way has resonated across so many platforms and with younger people whether the basketball fans, not especially in this country. To the first charge he took in the waning moments. Hurt me because you have made a business decision. I'm stepping out of the way completely. Hallway. Here comes Taro there goes in and read aloud going there. Waste, man. Don't give me that Ole stuff absolutely was not question Chicken. Okay, Look what they did with those T shirts and the shirts, you know? And Matt? My gosh, no. Ah need to be commended big time without without question and their social platforms. This also justice platforms that has been buried because they're women. And there, they don't get that kind of credit that they should. But that doesn't mean that the impact has been lesson or has not had any kind of reach when it covered WNBA players continue to do in season and out of season. He's in Fitz Simmons on Freddie Coleman Appreciate you joining us on Friday and Fitzsimmons, we're less than two weeks in the start of the NFL season. It's a good or bad that we still don't know anything. This is ESPN.

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