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So some quick business one everyone here is another gentle but forceful reminder to vote do your malines by October or by before October twenty first to Cecilia. It's October. It's super funny because we've been working on falstaff since August and we've been posting scary episodes and doing spooky stuff since mid-september until like Christmas find truly. Here, so you've decorated and painted an I carved a Pumpkin and you're taking us on a cemetery. Yes. Yes. I love a good cemetery. We're chatting about our fave Halloween and fall books on October fourteenth with Barbie the book vary, and we've also got a Pumpkin bake along with some Halloween Trivia on October twenty. First, we're hosting a Halloween party on October thirty first remember these events are offering virtual and spooky. You just gotTa head to our facebook page. Yes and don't worry if you can't make a live event, we will have videos available on our page that you can access whenever you want. So you WANNA get real spooky it I dunno three m the witching hour. Great. Awesome. Also got some spooky podcast episodes for the season as well. So we've already covered shadow selves and being chased in a dream which both of those were scary, but they're also really deepened introspective. Off Yeah. We've got wedges imagining on at Houses Nightmares, night terrors coming up. So be sure to listen. Today. We're talking about Straight up death straight. In dreams that is, of course. Have you jumped about death Amelia Yeah. Yes. So unfortunately, I have a lot of active shooter dreams and I feel like that's probably a lot just do at the time we live in I. Think. We. Cover that at all, but we just kidding I do. But I. I don't know if it's yeah. The time we live in I like more about active shooter what that does mean a dream. But one time actually was shot and died in like in the dream I thank you and all like went dark, which was really weird I've never had that before. But then earlier this year I dreamt up my parents were killed by a friend of mine while they slept in my childhood bedroom. So on that light note, how about you? Cecilia? I I'm trying to think if I've ever had dreams about death. I feel like. I've had a couple of dreams where my spouse died. And it was like. How but it was like. A lame dream because it was obviously very like sad. But I was also like, how am I going to pay bills? How am I going to work while taking care of? My daughter and everything like that..

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