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Postpunk like that you would definitely like this band and the thing that joe brings to a is this really really unique enigmatic literate moody vocal style end jio really often get a lotta bands with just like the vocal list it's usually a guy playing guitar and sing is i i talked him a little bit about auto what it was like to be of just a vocalist in it and what it's like to shape songs what it's like what what role he plays in the production and writing so to cool interviews today and he will be back next week i believe might have not maybe not for monday but i think he'll be back obscene for thursday were talking about blade runner twenty fortynine next thursday but will have something for you on monday but today rob huegel his new show do you want to see a dead bodies on youtube read in november and joe casey from the band puerto martyr their new album relatives and dissent is already out get that wherever you get your music let's go with rob he will i'm really excited about this because i didn't before i even to you're coming out i had actually been thinking about this this one moment from your career that it was very meaningful to me very strange way i went back and watched it on youtube is the human giant ntv takeover young for our take over ten years ago so you know we're going to be spent in a lotta time here in the studio woah woah woah hey guess you're talking about where sway loader those guys we're we're taking over toys r tv you know that screw around wherever show you'll professional studio ever show on the channel called on twenty four hour had a lotta cool gas bands can really fun little to the toussusle line did of human jiley's paul you're and his ease yet and.

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