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Cremation services. Six o'clock news radio 16 wtvr. Hey, real quick. I want to reset because two of the big national stories that you're going to be hearing about locally to is impeachment, invoking the 25th amendment on the president this week. On action, according to Speaker House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will begin on that impeachment process this morning. She's still at this point is not heard from what we've known it our sources. Any type of phone call a conversation with the vice president who That's what it would take to invoke any type of 25th amendment, But we were with Liz Peak earlier with the Fox News contributor report. Regarding the whole social media ban on the president and we talked about section 32 30. If that has to go Section 2 30 of the Decency Act Communications Decency Act protects these Come Cos From liability over what's that? What is on their platform? The whole premise Woz that these platforms we're going to be unregulated, neutral territory, by the way, like parlor Is or was before parlor was shut down, incredibly, by Amazon on and so they were protected in little ways. If I post something on Twitter that is inflammatory or illegal. Twitter is not held accountable. And by the way, if I write something like that, Our New York Times they are held accountable. There's a big divide. And I think there's just no question that if you shut down information about Hunter Biden on your website and take the New York Post offline If your Twitter for example, you are no longer following the guidelines that allow you those protections. Think section 2 30 has to go. Fox News contributor Liz Peak with us Every Monday morning after seven I news ready or 16.

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