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Verse online said everything was dependent on such an announcement including security assistance by which he means military assistance Simon said that president to president trump during our call on September eighth ambassador Sunland tried to explain to me that president trump is a businessman when a businessman is about to sign a check someone who owes him something he said the businessman asks him to pay up before signing the check argued that the explanation made no sense Ukrainians did not oh president trump anything and holding up military assistance for are domestic political gain was crazy Gordon Sauna Untold Bill Taylor that after we spoke with President trump he then spoke once again with Ukrainian the president and with the Ukrainian president assistant quote Ambassador Sunland said that this conversation concluded with presidents alinsky agreeing to make a public statement in an interview with CNN quote after that call with Ambassador Sunland I expressed my strong reservations and text message to him stating that my nightmare is that Okay the Ukrainians give that interview and then they still don't get the security assistance the Russians love it and I quit I was serious he says so bill Taylor fifty years in service to this country was going to quit this job because in this was selling out Ukraine to the Russians right here Putin take Ukraine take what you want we no longer support them you can have it we're not giving them military support anymore and of course along the way to that betrayal Ukraine will be used to conjure up some politically useful thing for president for his re-election effort something that will be collected and used by the president and then maybe he's going to screw them anyway and still not given that military aid and the Russians will love it quote I will quit I mean it's it's one thing to put people who are comfortable with this kind of scheme in charge of carrying it out that is the president trump did that's apparently why Gordon Sunken Ambassador to the Egwu was in Ukraine Ukraine's not part of the EU that's apparently what Volker was doing there as well as the president's on void to Ukraine that's apparently what Rick Perry the secretary of energy was doing inserted into all of this process and that's of course what Rudy Giuliani it was therefore it's also apparently why they got rid of the previous Ukrainian Ambassador Maria vetch but you know they did have to find some real person to hold down the work of the embassy after they fired her unfortunately for them they picked a non-partisan fifty year veteran diplomat who not only knows how things are supposed to run in US policy actually something about the country in which he's operating and he could see not only what a disaster this was in terms of president trump directly soliciting something from a foreign country that he wanted to use in his reelection campaign which is crime he could see what it was doing to that country for this craven illegal US policy action to put country in this position and so today with this remarkable testimony we get this belated but robust sort of cry of conscience ambassador Bill Taylor and we get the news that he apparently took notes and filed memo's every step of the way along this entire process so this is really preceding I think along kind of three different lanes here I mean this investigation in Congress has basically fill out the narrative about how this scheme worked and what they were trying to do and who was involved I mean the secretary of state clearly knew about it he was not only listening in on the infamous on call between president trump and Celeski that led to this impeachment he was involved in the firing of the previous ambassador he knew why she was being fired right he was the recip the end of the whole stash of documents from Giuliani laying out the scheme that stash of documents that was ultimately provided to Congress by the Inspector General of the State Department we know Oh from this testimony today that the top official representative of the US government in Ukraine Bill Taylor.

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