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The state health department has recorded another four hundred thirty five new corona virus cases bringing the state while I total to more than thirty, seven, thousand, four hundred cases, and now state health officials say we're seeing far more cases than we did. During the previous peak in April, Governor Jay Inslee says there's still a chance to turn things around, but he's also warning of what will happen if these numbers don't get better. Ws Austin Jenkins reports beginning in March the number of covid cases in Washington rose rapidly to peak in April of about seventy cases per one hundred thousand people during a two week period now after a period of decline, the status, seeing nearly ninety eight cases per one hundred thousand people that prompted Governor Inslee to announce a pause in counties, moving ahead with reopenings, and now he's warning that if the trend continues, the state should be prepared to go back to where things were in March. That's when he imposed a stay home order, but NC as quick to say he hopes. Hopes to avoid that scenario. We do not want go backwards Washington's a forward-looking state, and so in is once again urging people to comply with his requirement to use face coverings. People are realizing this is not a partisan issue. It's simply lifesaving step influences much of the recent spread is happening away from workplaces and among young people. The state's health officer calls the current trend concerning and says the public's cooperation with mask cues and continued social distancing is needed to keep the economy open, and in order to send kids back to school this fall. I'm Austin Jenkins in Olympia..

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