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Hazy and Sonny were going to use to 81 degrees in Sacramento. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Just 30 minutes breaking news. The second inhabit on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. That's the sound of a DC 10 tanker planes dropping £12,000 of retired and on a California wildfire. Imagine in air armada of 60 planes and helicopters attacking fires. This is John Cox, founder of Change, California launched a dawn and air armada would make an impact, giving firefighters a chance to contain fires before they become infernos. This will help save lives and protect property. Fires are killers. Let's attack this enemy like we attack terrorists with overwhelming firepower we can create and deploy in a Ramada. And it would cost far less than what we're wasting on a bullet train. We need solutions that we can use. Now. This is John Cox for Change. California tell the sacramental political class to stop wasting money on a bullet train. Let's create a powerful air armada to fight fires paid for by Change California project with rescue from the Education Foundation. Do you think all vitamin C's of the same? They're not. Ester C is a superior form of vitamin C. It's the on ly vitamin C with 24 hour immune support. And it lasts up to two times longer than regular vitamin C. So don't just settle for any vitamin C Bye, Ester C and support your immune health. Today.

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