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Anne Kellogg joined her colleagues at Brinton Oh Math and Science Academy yesterday who were outside Don't know yet what happens next Monday? We're really taking it day by day, but my preschool staff and I agree that This plan is just not something that's going to work for our students. Janet Jackson claims CPS and CTU have a broad agreement on teacher safety concerns. Both parties again having news conferences today to talk about it. C T, a board member found vacationing after claiming that public schools were unsafe, says she received her doctor's blessing to travel. WGN's Jo brand is the update. Sarah Chambers rally teachers to refuse to return to school buildings, claiming them to be unsafe. Then she was found next to the pool in Puerto Rico. On her instagram account. Chambers defended her trip, saying she dealt with a bad case of covert already tested negative several times war masks and even got word from her doctor. That would be okay to travel chambers has since apologized and says she'll tell you Her social media account is a sign of contrition. She also says she'll step back from the teacher's Union executive board. Jo Brand, WGN. New police chase ended in a crash on the South side last night for people were fleeing an alleged armed robbery in Frankfurt. The black SUV struck a squad car on I 94 Later crashed it 95th street. After the crash, the occupants ran away. Three people were later arrested. One person is still on the loose. For the second time in a month. A coyote is suspected of killing a dog in Palestine. Jade agree. We says Coyote jumped a 6 ft fence in her backyard and attack chilly one of their four rescue dogs, she says. It's the second time they've lost a dog to a coyote in two years. That's why they built that 6 ft fence. I know all of my surrounding neighbors. They all have very small dogs, so they are all in aware of what's happened and keeping a close eye. Oh on their dogs. Police warning residents to make sure fences are closed. Only food out. Keep an eye on pets, even in your own backyard. In December, coyote killed a dog in Palestine that was being walked by its owner. Yesterday. Cook County had its first marriage of the year. And, like most things lately, it was virtual. I know pronounce you married. Yeah, cry. You're gonna make me Ashley Graf and Andre Baldwin entered Theo Contest Win the first wedding of 2021 in a live wedding that happened on Zoom 175. People watched the wedding online and wish the couple well. They have been together for 11 years. Now with WGN SPORTS. Here's David. Good Morning Day two of training camp for the Black Hawks Hawks held their first practice on Monday and coach Jeremy Collins message. Don't worry too much about expectations. You're aware of how we're perceived and we got something unproven, and it's a challenge for us. As the coaching staff, but also the players we have to. We're gonna We're gonna be relentless in our how we're gonna work. Tioga better. Veteran defenseman Brent Seabrook, listed by the Hawks is unfit to participate. The Hawks open the season week from tomorrow at Tampa Bay playoff week underway in the NFL teams are getting ready for the six games this weekend. Including the Bears match up with the Saints on Sunday. No update yet on two key bears players who were injured against Green Bay linebacker Roque Want Smith and wide receiver Darnell Mooney. Anytime scenes, coach Sean Payton said. They'll take a wait and see approach to playing running back Alvin Camaro Sunday Camaro should be available after a bout with Cove in 19. After knowing three start. The Bulls have won three of their last four and tonight they're on the road, starting a four game trip at Portland College Basketball to Paul's game of Number three Villanova tonight postpone because a covert issues within the Villanova program last night the Big 10, Indiana held off Maryland 63 55 7 Big 10 teams ranked this week, including number 12, Illinois. The a lot I visit Northwestern Thursday night. Event it W G M sport Now the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Morgan.

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