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The girl, right rights and so. Two to refresh the audience. In case you don't know this. She was married to a woman before Johnny Depp and it was a female publicist and artist seems yeah, and and I remember they had a wedding out in Malibu, and somebody walked out into the PGA. killed. Trouble follows this girl wherever she goes. Every single place. She's one of those. Yes. And because she's so beautiful and put together. She probably gets away with stuff. Like with a makeup is my only challenge to people I. Don't know I see it in the mirror like she looks. She's A. She's a good friend of mine's relationship. I'd love to tell that story wonder day. You don't get to ruin relationships without being hot, so she's hot and so looks great. And is like I, said put together, she flew. Beauty falls from chicks, and that's the whole thing so. Here for it next up. Next up, he's accused of becoming obsessed with the idea. Amber heard was still in the relationship with her. And tried to set her artwork on fire. Big Fan of that move. Yeah, because that is a drunken crazy person. Movers like Oh yeah I still love her on the dam of painting on fire. Soon planning. Thank you. That's a really good depp. I've never heard. John It's brand new. It's yes like Oh, you still love. Bet You bet she's doing a scissor right and you want to consider also the Goddamn poaching on fire. Sure and then I can totally see this one. This one is totally true to me right. I'm kidding to be a little bit team heard on their snot that she's not crazy. But burning the key May. It's at what we're deciding here. Folks is who is more crazy, but they're both insane. If you had who's a little bit, we're hole where friends artwork hanging in our house. Yeah fucking burn it dude like, but wouldn't you burn it upon arrival? Like? Why are we not being? Here's my guess. That's what I mean requested. Here's my guess I'm GONNA I'M GONNA go around the back door and see if there's anybody peaking in here on this one. Here's what I think. When they moved in together, she moved in our shits. He was Kinda like who is this? Time, but later on right. Yeah, you hang it and it's just like Oh. Probably three or four months into the relationship. It's like Oh, who did this by the way I really liked this thing or I hate this thing it's like. My then say that voice again own flat all. My. The? House you. Work Exactly Or she it is or above burned to the ground more burning. More probable is they were like in a fight and he go, and she was like and guess who did this guy. But both Sich is by the way that's probably four months deep into living in somebody's house. About the CAN I read the next one EGGHEAD, he's A. DEP- also allegedly held herds dog out the car window and made jokes about putting the Yorkshire terrier in the microwave. Now see that's heaven one hundred percent. He did all. Yes, no questions. No question yeah. I've joked about putting you in the microwave so like. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's probably just a fun thing. This is more like everything that comes out is more just. On the team of weird toxic relationship like you're doing that just to piss her off, then she gets pissed. Then you get to fight, then you get to slap then you get to have sex like you just do these things that's my ex's art were common. And then we. Are, and then we feel better, and then it's just like. next up the actor. Yanni Johnny is accused of trashing and trailer in a jealous drug fueled rage when he heard amber heard, Powell sexually touched her. Here's the thing. How'd you hear it from him from her? She called. We always talk about this to fucking call and say. Yeah, she's like Oh. Brian she half do. No, no. Did she want that fucking? Fire Shit Board that Sharaf. We talk about. Thing sure like if you came home and said Hey, somebody touched my ass today. Who I will beat that motherfuckers ass. Why just don't tell you? Happened, you know. Joking off. Camera. Married I'm old like nobody's fucking touching acid. Do that that's a young man's game. Like knowing that someone's with someone and touching the ask just to like doing I, mean start some shit. I'm not in that. World's unfortunately want to be in that world. Bro fucking Fuck in-depth in me right now like I. Feel like you're going to set the curtains. Would Listen calm down dude. Next up. New pictures shown to the courts reveal depths chaotic lifestyle now. I don't think we have the capability to bring these up right now again. We're in the sheriff. We're in process of a move. But some of these pictures of him laying on the bed. Bleeding Holding himself. kind of posing like he's dead and his own coffin. On these by the way all these pictures are completely what I thought, right? This is Johnny Depp I i. don't see a problem with any of. This wasn't like you had as. Dick held against a cheese grater. You know we're like a fucking gun. Point and underneath his Chan or anything like that like these are all like standard Johnny Depp pictures where I'm like. Yeah, of course, a fucking Weirdo does this shit? So. That's not shocking to me at all. The finger and him laying down on the stretcher because his fingers cut. Every things you try to chop off his finger. Some like wine glass bullshit. Thing. She said either way. Pictures that I'm seeing are one hundred percent when I think goes on at the depth house -solutely and so I don't. You know it's a classic case of. Where just we do things to fuck in each other off. Yes, we're fucking bored rich and we're bored and we're not working right now and were unhappy and we're taking you know so. I think that's probably what the court is. GonNa ultimately find. They're all just going to be out. A bunch of money and nothing's really going to happen from it, and then the you know. Court of Public, opinion I. Think we all kind of know. Crazy, so it's sort of like there's nothing you can tell me and it's GonNa make me believe that she was just a a beautiful innocent beaten woman. I'm sorry, Ray, and then the last two on here heard Brandon depth, a jekyll and hyde monster an email. Totally see that happening. No biggs that's Johnny Avenue. You're getting in. And You know one day I'll show up with a rose and be that what is it? June. Oh, Benny June. You're not dealing with Benny in June here. Okay, you're dealing with fucking you're doing. The Caribbean Bolger Whitey Bolger a cross between every character is ever A. Because he goes real deep into it..

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