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The david samson show david historic weekend. Not just for the miami marlins but for the sport of baseball there has named his michael hill replacement. And it's coming the first the first female. Gm of a major league baseball club and professional sports franchise here in the united states. Your takeaway from kim yang being named gm. I've had the worst struggle this week because the people at cbs. Were insistent that i that i talk about this because of my past with the marlins and so i did. I spent a lot of time. Nothing personal talking about it. And i came super close to explaining what really happened but i haven't gone all the way. Well this is the place to do it Because i can imagine you're conundrum right. This is being universally applauded This entire move. But i thought of fairly immediately. Because you've sort of been boxton anything that you say that questions whether or not this is a power position. He's literally rolling up. His sleeves rolled his rolling up his sleeves on a paint dress shirt. Because he's ready to give away the goods So explain this to us because it's hard for you to be in a position where you don't sound embittered or whatever or ax to grind if you have anything that questions of decision. That's being universally applauded across baseball sports and really of sports everywhere. So let's talk about the macro point here. The marlins made a great pr higher. That's the bottom line. And i'm really happy for kim. If she knows what she got herself into. I'm which she doesn't. I'm really happy for baseball. Because they get to use the narrative that there's now women gm and for people in the regular worlds like the national tv shows and the clintons chelsea clinton and everybody else get to say. Oh my god progress. I just wanted. Please understand one thing. And i don't normally caveat on this show. This is not about me saying that women should not be in a position of power in baseball because they should. This is not me saying that. I'm upset that woman was hired. Because i'm not. I think it's great. It's me trying to explain to your listeners. Something that they're not gonna get anywhere else. And i don't give a shit i'm going to say it. The higher by derek jeter was straight i wash bottom line and i'm if kim knows going in that i'm okay but if she was somehow bamboozled into thinking that she's going to have the power to actually be a baseball decision maker for a major league baseball team. She's just not. That team is run by derek. Jeter and gary denver. Oh period hard stop. Kim is really good administratively and can't do it and jeeter can't do it and this is not being bitter. This is a fact. This is what my kill. Did they fire a black guy and they bring in a woman and that makes baseball happy. It makes bruce sherman happy because he needs things from baseball like revenue sharing in two thousand and twenty one. Going forward lots of it. So there's a lot of layers to this onion that no one's ever willing to discuss dan and mike and why not tell your listeners. The truth well. We're going to discuss it here because that is something that people aren't gonna hear else and i would say it's probably going to end up being controversial just because you're not hearing any one question or ask any hard questions about this. Now she is credential okay. She has the resume to merit that position. But when you say it's eyewash And when you say if she knows what she has gotten herself into your uniquely qualified to know not just because you've worked in that job But my kill. What is a close friend of yours. So you know the job he just got out of so explain to us what she's gotten into. So if you have if your general manager several types of general managers out there these in baseball you know. There's president of baseball operations and general managers. Theo epstein is an example with the president of baseball operations. Jed hauer was his gm. And now theo's out jet has been promoted. What a president baseball operations does is lead scouting leads player. Development leads pro scouting leads international and leads. The major league team works closely with the owner informing the owner. Here's where a roster is. Here's what we're thinking about doing. In terms of call ups in terms of the draft in terms of where certain players are going to be at what level of the minor leagues here. The traits that were thinking to get to the payroll that you mr owner or mrs owner have given us on top of that. There's running the baseball business. That's a huge budget side of a company. That is the job of what you and everybody else says. Oh you're the gm that's what you do. But with the marlins that's not the case with the marlins gary denver oh is in charge of where every minor league player place. Gary dumbo is in charge of all of scouting all of pro scouting all of development and doesn't answer to the gm period. No matter what they tell you. Gary denver works directly with jeeter. What gary denver can't do is the business side of it. Which kim is incredibly qualified to do now. Kim was major league baseball for since two thousand eleven. Having her out of major league. Baseball central office is very good for baseball. Because what it means is that they have gotten a woman or any person of color comes into this category and when you are a woman or person of color in baseball there is a study. That's done for central baseball. That is a.

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