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The movies on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM along with TOTO. We're talking about. I man let's find out what one of our Mike Rosen movie club listeners had to say Kenny. Would you think if I man? Yeah, I thought it was just a really really Rama. A good balance between intensity and human emotion. Like like you. His family and children. Which I wasn't expecting. Yeah. I agree. You know, I read a lot about sort of how authentic was this. And from the home life to space to everything in between pretty darn fintech. I mean, it felt that way when you're watching it just like the details were very precisely put together. But yeah, there were there was trouble in the home front, and you can understand that where he had to kind of compartmentalize in a way with all the thought he was going through this is based on a book by James Hansen say man, I title. Did you recognize the woman who played Janet his wife? Oh, yeah. I've Clervoy was very good in that. And. What else? What else have you seen her? And I told her in unseen earlier this year, and I thought she gave a very great performance in that film. I have not seen her in the crowd. Yeah. That's the first thing that Joe I said, wait a second. That's queen. Elizabeth she when she didn't great in the crown and there's another season of that coming up, isn't there? Or is there a one time deal? Lynn probably knows about that. Is there going to be a second season of the crown? She's not in because he's much older. Now. Yeah. She'll be what twenty or thirty years older in the second season. What can you what what jumps out about the movie that? I think it's very authentic. I think the acting a solid what else can of it seems like a slam dunk movie as far as subject matter. But that's not always the case in Hollywood. They can they can mess up a story. What what kind of clicked for you? I actually also liked it. In the movie, very, very detailed agree. Definitely in theater. I think it's been years. I think there was sounded. And also the musical score. I've been to it ever since ever since it was released, and it's very very good music while as a critic, I think I don't give enough attention to sound and also the sound track or the score of movies. I even my reviews. I don't mention it enough here. I did and the sound design was just incredible. And I don't think it's just the sound is the lack of Sam is a lot of silence in the movie, and then when the sound does kind of crop up when you hear the clicks, and the beeps and the the warning signs and all the different rattles. It makes it all the more powerful one of the things that was interesting is that. I think they paid a lot more attention to the. I guess the the marriage aspect, I think if this movie may twenty thirty years ago that would have been just oh, Honey, I'm home, blah, blah, blah. But I think they really did focus on that more. Does that did you need that for the story Kenny or did you think that it helped at what how did how did that? I mean, we're here to see him land on the moon. But I think they spent a lot of time with him at home. Well, yeah. I thought I thought that was needed because it was something I didn't know and provided an emotional element to the movie like well, Dunkirk last year wise, my favorite movie, but it was definitely no emotional element to that. Except kind of a little bit at the end. So I'm glad that we kind of happy family aspects in. I man. Yeah. Actually thought about Dunkirk when I was watching the I think it was a similar approach kind of like stripping away all the dramatic moments and not that it's not dramatic, but sort of the melodramatic moments that I think a lot of films fall back on..

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