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And man, I'm getting attacked for for feature about a an interim coach. Everybody wants will. Wade back, you know, and in anything that would disparage will wait the fan base, or at least part of the fan base is just or an attack. You know, it's it's wild. I've never seen anything like it down here. Ross. I've gotta ask you this in and I've had conversations with some of your colleagues, and they have echoed what you were saying they've even gone so far to say the administration would like we'll way to come back in. And I don't understand it. What I don't understand is based on what we know. And I realized we don't know everything, but we know enough in by the way, you probably know a lot more than we do. And if you if you have two years that are functional you probably hear plenty about. We'll wait. Why would anyone want him back? He win. Okay. I got this far that that's that's the simple quick way to put it. Right. You know, any coach who who wins? And you gotta remember this program's been pretty bad for a while. You gotta go back close to, you know, eight ten years the last time they really with you know, deep into the NCAA tournament even more than that. But the final four run and six so he wins in in anytime. You have a winter ball. I think people gravitate to them anytime you have somebody young and kind of spunky comes in and revive the program. That's been kind of in the basement for for a while. And in does it so quickly you've got people that gravitate to him? And he he was real kind of outspoken and row quotable and real colorful, and and he's that kind of guy, and and so they you know, fans just became a think in Namur with him and have been a namrd with him in. And I think you mentioned it there the administration. I there's a lot of people in the administration. I think that really like will. And they hired him. You know, they want him back. But you know, I just like with any job. Hey, hey loss. Please. Let me ask you this. I don't mean to rub. But they want him back knowing that he may very well be cheater. Well, they wanna talk to him. I think that that's well, they they don't need to talk to him about. Listen. I don't think they need. I mean, you're you're accomplished journalists. I mean, you really need to talk to. We'll wait this point to have a very strong opinion of what he's been doing down there. Well, that's that's where they want to start. I I'm just saying what you're saying. You know, there's enough out there to to see, you know, to put the pieces together, you know, to connect dot. But they you know, they just kind of the same thing with. Devante smart. You know, the player, you know, he cooperated LSU. He came in. You know, he answered all the questions, I think if will would do. That I actually think he might have might have a chance of being reinstated despite all this stuff, but he he won't do that. It's just like any employer. They asking employees had come in and answer questions about this incident or this issue. And if you say, no, I mean, any employers gonna suspend or fire that employees, you know, and it's kind of the same situation. Talking to Ross Dellinger Ross. Since he's not coming in to talk to the administration. What is likely assuming let's let's just play for the sake of argument's LSU loses some sometime this weekend. How long do you think it will be before we get some answer on will wage future? That's a great question. I wish I wish I knew the answer. You know? I know the. That trial the next trial and the basketball federal cases about what a month out or three and a half weeks out or something like that. I don't know if if they go that far it some somehow I'd be a little surprised if they would wait that long for something to happen. But then again, you know, I, I don't know..

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