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Dot com robert murray a fan rags sports with an article in regards to bryce harper of the washington nationals who is set to hit free agency obviously this coming off season annonymous national league executive quoted in robert murray a fan rags article called bryce harper quote a losing player also called them overrated and said quote if i was in charge and had money my team would not pursue him that's interesting interesting thoughts about bryce harper when many believed that he might sign the richest contract in baseball history next off season harper is got some incredible credentials if you think about it price harper's a guy that has won mvp he is a deadly hitter he's the guy that certainly scares opposing pitchers which is interesting because right now bryce harper is not exactly lighting up the world rice harvest ben to twenty four this year now he's leading the national league in one thousand nine home runs he's walked fifty times i mean it's you know it's but he's still a to twenty four hitter in fact you know what i call bryce harper right now i call him the offensive version of bret saberhagen when bret saberhagen pitched now maybe you remember this sean was the ozzie ozzie.

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