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I haven't heard of that one. Oh, Courtney please earner that one. Oh, I like to send you a copy. Oh my God. I need to read this book. If you guys are recommending it. I have to read it. Yeah. We'll raise this is a different kind of business book. It's the new revolution. For female. Entrepreneurs is the tagline is the. But leapfrog is the name of the book spun Natalie Molina Nie-nieto, and I will I will coordinate with Kristen and you'll have a copy short. Thank you so much that is so sweet. Thank you recommend that your readers. Yes, please. I love I love books because I feel like in a book, you can learn so much you can highlight. You can go back. I keep so many books on my bookshelf. So that when I start feeling angry or feel like is getting in the way or feel frustrated I just opened up book, and I read some chapters and just get reinspired. So I love books. I'm a big player. Yes. And they're it's it's easy to you. We're frequently ask for tips in vice. And so on. There are so many ways to accomplish your goals, and that is not easy in. Sometimes you don't even know what the goal is. You just thrown in with an idea that's has a life of its own moving forward. You don't know where the end goal is. We'd never as you started. When you began to talk with us. We had no idea would be here. Forty one years later most most companies don't make it past five years. Oh, no. So it is a very very encouraging to read about with other people have done, and you hear many many, many ideas that are filtered through a person the author of this book leapfrog who actually started onto entrepreneurship leadership center, a the entrepreneurship center at Barnard at the Phoenix center. Barnard? So she does a zillion people who have reached their goals in starting a company, and she's distilled it, and it's it's just wonderful reading in very inspiring. Thank you so much for that. I'm so excited to read this book. I can tell you guys really love this. It's something that all of you guys are listening should definitely pick up. And I also think that this is just something I've noticed through the interview you guys have really strong core values that have stuck through the forty one years. I think I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that has helped your success as well as vice have defined these core values in stuck to them. You are staying really? Yeah. To philanthropy, everything that is absolutely correct. And it has been a, you know, the success of our business is to be on the same page all these years. And not give in. Oh, I'm sure as things have evolved in the fashion world. I can't imagine people were probably like why are you still in the USA, you know, all those types of questions? So I think it's so cool. You guys have defined these values in your like, we're sticking to them like. Yup. And but there's no question to have a successful business. You absolutely have to be profitable. Oh, of course in order to be filled with robbing you have to be profitable to have money to give away. Which is a gallon. I haven't duct that philanthropy, gene, personally. And we certainly would doing what we could you know, on early on before we could do it in the name of Hanky panky. We we still do our work on side. But it's very very important to run a strong smart profitable business. And as you're hearing from us, of course, it can be done in the United States. It's nonsense to imagine that you absolutely have to leave one yours..

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