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Weekend preview and my five favorite musketeers and five favorite bear cats of all time coming up in the seven o'clock hour then I hope you'll stick around for the off the beaten path topic in the eight o'clock hour tomorrow as the the anniversary it was seventy one years ago yesterday or tomorrow that the S. Cincinnati gardens opened and I've made a valid reason years even with the demolition of it to a keep memories of the gardens I live in your stories help do that so moments and memories and shows in teams and and experiences from the gardens coming up in the eight o'clock hour thanks for all the tweets tonight Twitter feed burning up it is presented by burly corns they've got a new menu tried the well don't forget on Monday would Monday coming up I'll give you this on the the heads up it's the meatball bakes a while they last on Mondays after five o'clock large juicy hand rolled meatballs with Commodore sauce ricotta and mozzarella cheese served with garlic bread holy cow let's Mondays after five at Burghley chords three locations thanks for presenting the Twitter feed I'm at lance McAlister when you join it you can tweet and become part of the show assaulted a fan graphs one of the fantastic baseball sites I use fangraphs had their projections for the season they have the raids going eighty two and eighty finishing in second place in the central now how about this for a for a dog fight they have the cubs finishing first with eighty five wins the Reds second with eighty two wins the brewers with eighty one the cardinals with eighty the pirates with seventy so first place fourth place separated by a total of five games in the standings that according to fangraphs today in the computer simulations they run they had the Reds winning the division twenty four percent of the time and earning a wild card twelve percent of the time something else the Criswell said last night was sterling has stuck with me but let me end honestly let me into this topic today and kind of looking back over the last six losing seasons he used the term a Lou a legacy of losing listen to a Chris Welch last night about changing the mentality and changing the losing many years or in a row the rates have lost and they're kind of burned out legacy of losing figure out a way to change that entirely and the way you do that as you you can't help you bring in guys aren't used to losing this many games in a row so you you know do second baseman Moustakas interfering in about Cassiano and if you bring in weight highly popular veterans who Hey they're not used to losing the cashier Alice is on the on the Cup last year Dr Seuss on the mortgage brokerage teams winning ball clubs so this is what you want you you want your guys are like losing when you talk about losing or not trying to be competitive we're going to win it all I'm not just the division and that's the attitude that you have to have the winding through the look at the game and they say and we don't want to win this game to win this game in the search engine number one it goes all the way to the end of the six and I think the attitude makes a huge difference and that was the biggest obstacle I think the biggest challenge that Nicole and Dick Williams faced completed a pretty good job in turning the rocks roll right now get that attitude going in the right way I agree I think that's a fantastic point everything I mentioned George what is the only one that's come up through the system who's on this team that has experience has tasted has failed to any extent winning hi Mike Moustakas has a ring the cast down who's played on it in a pressure situation last year in input the cubs on his shoulder for the fifty one games he was there await Miley's played on winners show go played on a team in Japan that consistently one Pedro stroke was pitched in twenty two postseason games in his career think of what has run through this city representing the Cincinnati Reds during that six game losing streak six years of of losing an unnoticed respect to any of these guys I'm sure they're all great guys and yet when I think of that period from twenty fourteen through last season and I think of guys like Marlon Byrd and in the ridge trading for that a thirty seven year old outfielder giving up on a minor league pitcher to get in I I remember them full around with at bats for Brendan boche wasting starts with Cuba Sampson the disaster that was John lamb we had to watch Dylan Axelrod and Kevin Gregg remember Patrick kibble I hand in Tim Adleman and Asher will Jack how ski in which they try to sell us on rookie Davis deal center where I how many set how many springs in into the C. old bills in a rare game over in the midst of the J. bruise trade man he's going to be something to remember cliff Pennington and Phil Gosselin who I kept wanting to call Ryan Gosling it Kevin Quackenbush it was just it all due respect all those guys it was just a big giant pile of no be nice nothing for six years we saw a pile of nothing this this is something and not only is it something I'm gonna give you one more comic Chris made and then I'm going to go to the phones not only is it something but now it's something that is organized it's in order it's streamlined and I thought this was a very telling comment from Chris was sterling last night when he said the following everybody's on the same page hearing group here and that has not always been the case I I can tell you that you know they used to be a few years ago that you know everything the resident was some kind of big secret well the reason of the sickness that they didn't want you know anything about it because they were that bad well it it you know they're much more open what's going on this is what we're trying to do we're trying to get the mileage on the same page as a majorly alcohol should be taken out according to our new ideas of getting it done I couldn't pass them okay I'm just tickled to death but I can't wait to open bank Chris Welch last night with sterling here on seven hundred WLW I let's head to the phones the acute hearing centers dot com phone lines that we had to Glendale Stephen you're on seven hundred WLW plant how are you good you good Glendale where Glendale Arizona three three not but for the I'm excited to I think this is a great topic here I'm a year unfortunately as you've been pointing out over the last almost I mean darn near decade here where we've always been fans the most optimistic and at our hopes just shattered every but I will say it is the one thing you know that's all the the things that we've had in the last couple years and and if you look at the division where and I mean you know I mean like we we have not completed that step back but we've had some of the toughest opponent I think you need to replace yeah so far to our credit you know not to dismiss at the movie theater locked on and remember we're not gonna lose any more member that we did it we we have and I feel like much more optimistic on Sir fantastic topic Hey thank you thank you for listening and enjoy your weekend I and I think you hit on something with the division because now part of this it two things usually have to happen if you're going to be a team where the roads were and where they did and and want to get to where everybody wants a two things have to happen you you just can't make the jump you need others to come down and while the Reds at seventy five wins are envisioning jumping into the into the eighties the rest of the vision has come back to the pack in lieu in the end not only not only come back to the pack but those double hits you always love the rates get Moustakas from the brewers the Reds get cast the autos in stroke from the cops the St Louis cardinals lose Marcell Ozuna in the cardinals warning about replacing with cast the honors because the Reds guiding you love those type hits within your division are we come back up a little bit more on this the pitching what would you think another segment on this five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on AT and T. maybe some of your calls as we continue sports talk on seven hundred WLW.

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