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Because everyone thought you should take Lonzo and that's pot including me. But man, I just look at his development and the way he's playing, and yes, I know he gets more shots, and it may not be an apples to apples comparison. He gets to kind of run the show there. But it's not like Lonzo didn't have that opportunity to an extent last year. And. And he dealt with injuries. And whatever man like I look at Donovan Mitchell envy. I do. I do I do. I have envy right now. I'm like why is it that the Lakers guy? Like, why aren't the Lakers kids playing like that guy? These drafts increasingly start to look dubious. You know? I mean, I will say this. You know, let's strike a tone of optimism Rondo is gonna come back fairly soon. Time game time for tonight. Is that the latest? I actually I'm really looking forward to seeing Rondo with with some of these kids with zoo. I think it's going to make actually a much bigger difference than I would have thought perhaps before he was injured before LeBron all that stuff happened who knew big zoo. Love it. It's amazing that that how about that who knew big zoo chant. What do you think zoo is just an incredible like nickname name because it rhymes with so many things right? It's right for opportunity. Let's go you're the Queen of puns. The petting zoo. That's not that's not right now. That's an idea. Let's not do that. Zoo like, my boo Mizzou, Xuemei brew Xuemei Bill is not a good nickname. No. Won't go with that. Then that's fine. But yet, look I do think that like. It's going to be tight like as crazy as the sounds and Ameen said this too. And I was even I was doubting him. I was like come on, man. It's not gonna come down to the last week. And now looking at it with this LeBron injury. And he did say that like I I don't think he's no dominance by any stretch of the imagination. But he did say. Yeah. Like you can't count on him playing eighty two games this year. That's not going to happen. Now, he had a more in the seventy range. It's going to be less than that. So look they're going to be playing this thing to the end of the end of the season as long as they avoid the warriors, though, I think that's all that matters at this point. Yeah. Zoo buzz, like the pants, you probably remember those those young are you too young for those. I was not I was too young to have them in. My dad had them dad. Outfit. How they should get a sponsor shared endorsement for zoo still exist Lakers ones. That'd be amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Mr zubec-. Photo social media's he was a brother could have been Zulu. Right. Do you know? Yeah. Zoo in too much. So we've kind of right now, we're tied with the Lakers. I feel like there's this kind of low level panic, but a little bit there. There is a sense of like anxiety for sure given all that given the timelines given the injuries. How do you feel about the trade deadline like like 'cause I am and we can talk about this a little bit later. I am very very averse to the notion of making panic moves to try to compete this year. Okay. So I'll tell you at four thirty because coming up next Jeff passan is gonna stop by our ESPN MLB insider and give us the low down on this. AJ Pollock move. Good move, bad move. Okay move. Whatever he'll give us a starts to let us know. What's the latest on this JT multo chase for the dodgers? Jeff passan ESPN MLB insider joins us next Munichites hanging out. So Donald show ESPN LA..

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