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It's a coup definitely. Yeah definitely you could get mall. Barracuda out there in the Desert Desert Kook. So just look out for that that would that's what you're in do but everything shots pretty fired at. Cougar. Flamed out. Sorry because if I'm back township no one had his wing CUCO. Yeah it's Nice Marucci Dude. I think I think you're GONNA do great. You just got to keep trying and don't a. I think sometimes we can get stuck telling ourselves the store you know we get convinced of like the worst case scenario of something then we just reinforce that idea in our head over and over again and it can sometimes make us believe. It's more true than it is. I would just try to disconnect from that and be like every night is a new night in a new me and whatever happens. I'll be alright and do just strike out. Just talk to people and say not weird things but say things that don't feel so comfortable coming out of your mouth but you know are coming from a good place like you. Just walk up to someone. Hey Do you think people are connected as they should be and then they might think you're a Weirdo or they might answer. You want to sleep and then you go from there and and then that person could end up not dating you or you can end up dating that person but just try to open yourself up to as many experiences as possible and then I think you could stuff come out of it. And you'LL LEARN. That's a and the the cougar thing is really fired out. That kind of makes me want to move to Palm Springs and be a pool boy. Oh Yeah do you get a job as a pool boy area? Yeah to not just fire called. What obstacles for stuff? I want to preface this by saying you guys are the legends of my week on a recurring basis. I look for the pod single weekend and never fails to raise my stove and crush my workday with that being said. I'm going through a dilemma. I need some advice from some fellow stoker's and maybe the Homie strider with his endless relation knowledge two months ago me and my jeff two years broke up and I find myself in a massive predicament. I started seeing other girl. We've been on a few dates and it's going really well. We both don't WanNa rush anything. But while I was visiting her last time she mentioned she was nervous since I just broke up with my longtime Jeff. I don't really think about it until she said something. So essentially my question is should I be concerned moving onto quickly? Our breakup was mutual. Considering we live together and didn't bone the last four months of our relationship. Any help you legends can give me would be stellar and if you find yourself in. Charleston S C hit me up and I'll show you around this beautiful city. Thank you my dog. I mean it sounds like Dang new potential. Gif You've been hanging with it just gauging. Feels like she's just testing the waters dude. See if you're getting committed it sounds like a nice time together and hopefully your bone at a better clip than zero times performance. But you know sounds like you are I was gonna say it seems like she's just checking in for maybe a little reassurance didn't maybe he's got to give her that and be like in the fact he wrote this question. Maybe makes me think that I don't know. Are you fully past your ex Jeff and you WanNa make sure that hopefully you are and if not you know? Just be honest with this. Newly that you've been hanging out with but yeah it sounds like if she brought up and you didn't bring it up or I don't know maybe there's something you're doing with your energies or Way You're talking that's not addressing email or something but from what I've heard for in this doesn't sound like you're hung up or anything like that. So just let her know. Give her the research. Not You're you're my main. You're who I want to be with you. Know be honest up. If that's what you're feeling edgy stink Yeah and I think It'd be honest me I mean come on I think. Come from a place of empathy be like Alexander Stand. I be potentially be worried in. This situation did come off. Yeah I did come off a long term relationship and ship and So but I can just. I think it'd be honest. I can assure you. It was very as a mutual break-up and I really don't have any feelings for her anymore. And you know I like going on dates with you. like eating. Stay with you. Potentially I don't know what your your diet is but I should assume call big so and I should assume you like to eat steak. So yeah that's that's my piece. Yeah Dude I like that. Like coming out of being like no. I know where you're coming from. Yeah that might freak me out because I think that will show the personnel. You're you're at least thinking about their point of view in like a pathetic way and dude. I mean what's too fast. You know some people move fast and people move slow. I think you know you should always be pushing yourself a little bit. You should be you know in relationships are new. There's always a little discomfort so you have to kind of you know not lean into it but sit in it and and she's probably just feeling that a little bit of that discomfort so you just got to assure her and you know there's no rush but there's also no reason to to to slow down at this point. Just keep chugging plugging along. Go on somewhere. Dede's keep talking about stuff learn how to communicate with one another sheriff fire kiss couple of glasses of wine find a big blanket up snabel double double watch Dawson's Creek. Yes watched the episode. Where Joey and Pacey? I make love on a ski trip. I think it was and then when the episode ends. Don't say anything for five minutes. Just sit in it up to sit in season. Three it rains. Get in the rain and suck face. Yeah Yeah in the air and your your your head back and just feel the rain on your skin can do feel the rain on your no. I'm asking do you only know announce no one else came on your t-r-y-s-o-f-i words unspoken really open to is well both piggies. The best written resting ruined my friend. Thank you let me have that one little thing I was actually I was out. Yeah we didn't let anything happen. You created by Arthur. Sword came out of the stock. Here's a here's soul for that for that moment. Aaron what'd you think I mean I'd sign you guys Guy Group online dear Chattan. Jt what up. I'm super nerve even send you this message. I don't WanNa mess up your flow. But I need your sage words like you guys. I'm looking for love. Kindred spirits in a raging. Good time I thought I found the perfect place for all this when I decided of follow a girl. I used to know from high school a few hours north of my homeland. It was a super chill idea when I had it but subsequent raging has landed me back in Pallet town. He moved somewhere for. Yeah and then. Here's the story to signifier undying love and future children. I bought two baby bro. Ducks Mac Miller and John McCain were angels who deserve nothing but the best but after one week in my basement sleeping room complex I realize these conditions were unsuitable for raising my little cherubs. I took the ducks instead of homer to tell my family about my premature fatherhood and beg for their help and sheltering my ducks when I got my parents when I got back. My parents weren't home where I left them. So after gradually placing my ducks into the straw laden wellbeing Penn. We set up for my dog seven ago. I decided to give my phone fix on my way back. I was struck down my venerable. Corollas engine stalled on the streets to make matters worse. I was picked up by the police on an unresolved warrant. Unbeknownst to me my parents had turns out were at their cabinet would be unable to find intend to my ducklings fragile state. Finally when I was in jail my basement had a flood of epic proportions which killed my fledglings. I'm devastated by law. And even more so the cosmic repercussions could have on my life and ability to actually fathered children to father children looking for advice on how to move on and starting a new. Thank you guys love you. I mean my dog usually were saying you know advice for the last eight. I think big for him. It was make yourself little uncomfortable. You know push the edge. A little bit does for a lot of us. Who are like more uptight. I think with our dog here and I don't WanNa come down harbor like the decision making processes going on and the links that you're having your own dome are not correlated to any sort of like baseline understanding of like a very grounded reality. Yes I think like. He needs to really assess decision making in like this like purchasing these ducks to prove that you can be a father to a girl that. I don't know if you've talked to sounds like you're spending a lot of time in your own dumb. Maybe you might want to change the very impulsive. You GotTa talk to someone I think maybe professionally and then if you're following this girl do not do that. If she doesn't know about it and then Yemen wrap up any warrants and You know to communicate with the parents but I think Yeah I would definitely take pros yet. I don't think it's time for you to have kids. I think it's time for you to To grow up and you know I don't say this from a superior position I need to do the same but You know this is a good lesson for you and I'm sorry that had the way it did I feel terrible for the ducks But yeah you need to like strider really think about things like three dimensional way and think about how each choice what the ramifications of that choice could be and then a yet. Just try to be a bit more compassionately strategic and then I think And you have it in you because you feel bad and he know that something was wrong and what happened and so thinking about what that was and then move forward in a better direction Yemen. I I concur with a doctor. J. T. I mean you got a long life ahead of you and there's no reason to try and Rush into these big life decisions you know. Take some time to sit and think And you know if you're having trouble with the buner the region you know. I certainly have had my troubles. I mean best thing I ever did was quit drinking for a while and I you know it gave me clarity of mind. So if that's an issue I would. Uh You know Put the booze down. Sit think and Lay the foundations for good life so that you can actually become a good father in the future in have stable life because enter pieces the Dang thing out there yeah for the day and you sound like a very sweet guy sell everything you're doing is well intended and that's intended that's good maybe using a little bit of structure. I don't know what this war is ours like when I was here in the first like I wouldn't like halfway through. It was like. Oh you should join the army or something like that or get some structure in your life. If you can't do that I don't know sometimes strict about lawbreaking in the past. And that's a bummer. Maybe do trade. School. Don't don't don't go to sleep on that dude because skills are big time and it sounds like you're dude who likes to get you know you got some ducks who wants to get involved in something you know. Use Your hands do some honest work and I think some good structure could be nice electrician. Something like that and you can make for constructive bank doing that down the road so dear. Chattan. Jt what up Stoker's. I'm currently a junior in high school prom. Season IS COMING UP..

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