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To paradise lost. And that is what you have is called anxiety, and and everybody has anxiety pills. And and to opioids and drugs an eighteen to much every kind of misery comes from a an all the different names of. All the different names of sickness depends on upon which level you are from the roots of the tree of. NS but guilt. See so. What I want? You to do is stay on. This course. Did you do you do the meditation? Did you do the meditation meditation seven-minute one when but I did with you last night? Yes, I did. And I also replayed last night's program and went through that meditation that you do last night. It was wonderful. Now, what was the name of your illness? Heart failure. Yes. That's not going to happen. Trust me. You keep the key on this course, because what you have done. What has been given to you is a little piece of intuition in tuition. The ability to learn from God instead of the devil in a manner of speaking represented by the intellectuals. I think we're on with an intellect, but intellectual. Is is is learned from. They don't know why a wrong but in order to get their degree. They have to do it even and all that stuff goes away. But with you. And me you see me where I'm coming from his the key. I am not. I don't have any decrees. I don't have any education. I wouldn't..

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