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The stalwart on their version of the tax reform bill this week house republicans are pressing ahead for a vote on their tax bill tomorrow it will help jobs and job creation that is why we are here today rules committee chairman pete sessions the house measure however does not include any language that would repeal the affordable care act individual mandate that has been added to a senate tax bill millions will see their premiums skyrocket and millions are gonna get it with a tax on finance committee democrat ron wyden also cites congressional budget office figures estimating thirteen million more uninsured americans without an individual mandate on capitol hill jared halpern fox news that yet calling him a serial killer by police in tampa florida i say they have a suspect in at least two four murders in the city the suspect described as a tall thin black man who was wearing allblack when you look at the dress the pool way the person walk lease chief brian dugan they're asking the public for help identifying the suspect the hunt is over for a man considered to be of violent psychopath who was gave the psychiatric hospital in hawaii fifty million road randall sergio was captured by sheriff's deputies on patrol in modesto after walking out of a psychiatric hospital near huddle wound sunday boarding a flight to maori in another flight to san jose california reportedly on his way to a family members house in stockton a was acquitted by reason of insanity in a 1979 stabbing death prosecutors say he has the makings of a serial killer hospital officials meantime see they're also trying to better understand the security lapse that led to oh so scape jeff also fox new lincoln park is releasing a new live album that the band is dedicating too late member chester benhington the group says there last live shows before benhington died in july were 'extraordinary the one more light live owlry released december fifteen please sylla sarah fox news radio wlob fm and am next with maine's total.

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