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It's not done. You love to remind me that it is not over but it's not looking favorable. If biden is announced as the winner by the time people here this could happen when biden on the be just speak to into existence is announced as the winner trump lease peacefully. Doing it. that that yo- all right man dabba up. This is yours now. i'm out. Mulanje grabbed the grabs the trunk. No no no. There's no way this man's leaving quietly no way. No how shot to aj springer who says he not only does he leave quietly he leaves early also said this was gonna be a blowout loved. My brother said saturday blood. it's not blowing. Trump is the even if he leaves. It'll be loud every move. He's about to make from the time. That biden gets the election because he's never gonna see this vacuum say. He's not going to concede he's not going to say i lost. It's not going to happen. He won't accept it so yeah he may not be there to shake biden's hannah pass them the keys on inauguration day but he's going to be somewhere going to need to be like dude he's going to supreme court even though he can't actually physically go to the supreme court anything like he is really setting the stage for fighting this. I told you this. He's not going quietly. He's not packing a sheet leaving even out of frustration. One is trump ever back down from a fight. It listen i don't never. There's not a fight that he doesn't think he could win. Even if he's outmanned impossible and the million bankruptcies there is no way that this man is just going to leave quietly like he could. I mean to be a dick. He could just walk out december. I was like you don't have president. Fuck y'all like. He could that he good. It'd be like we're not passing anything. No stimulus no nothing. Fuck you guys you fuck you fuck you. You're cool. I'm out the he could do that. But all signs point to everything that he's doing is going to be unconventional. This will not be something that he will bow out gracefully not even close and it will look favorably on him throughout the course of history which i say again. They'll say that he was no pont. I mean look at the narrative that's being set up. That biden has stolen the election. Stunt count the votes kinley ridiculous in states where they got to count the votes like you're behind in arizona. The people are so dumb that they're changing. Don't count the votes. They don't know what they're chanting for and in vegas. Those guys cut off the beer barbecue beer free barbecue beer freedom. I don't flip that for the next live show. I don't know what i'm doing in my life. If i don't show up with expert and guy was hilarious like they don't know what they're doing. They're doing whatever they see him doing and he and he knows what he's doing he ain't going quietly man like he's not artists idiot. Yes like knows how to play the game. And he's wanting to continue to play the game so anybody who thinks he's just gonna go out quietly sorely mistaken stars to start playing triple h esteem saw. Yeah it's time to play. the game. trump comes out of the oval office. Like oh feel like royal rumble when triple h gained back all right so we have that. Now let's titus into pro wrestling and chris jericho no man. Do we talk about jerry. Got talk about jericho. So jericho comes out and he tweets like. Can anyone else remember on election going this long. He's pretty much saying what a lot of trumpsters are saying is something is funny with this time. Line and why they're keep counting votes and so on and so forth and he's getting roasted his response to that is to say well. I'm not political right. i feel it. It's weird because he said some weird shit during this lead up i did. We talked about on this show. I can't remember exactly what it was but we talked about on my once or twice during this lead up to the To the election but jericho is a weird guy to me. Now because we've talked about how great rod was in w can't take that away from a guy and he's still doing great work came in. Mgm had a great promo like three weeks ago character. Jericho's incredible but i feel like you know a lot of us. French top five jericho top eight all time. I feel like going to hold cogan himself. Yes we're going to have to say man. For sharrock dude pro wrestling man. Some cartons shit they have is a pro wrestling. Social media has allowed us to reach into the minds of some of our favorite athletes entertainers and find out that we don't like like who knew. Brett farve was a complete deuce bag when it comes to politics who them in. We could've guessed that you know what i'm saying so it's like with jericho again. Never surprise always appalled canadian but he's been in america long enough to see us. Some of this shit works and when we did talk about it was about his like his positioning on black. Lives matter right if you look at a lot of these guys and it's like you never wanna meet you heroes. Because they're gonna let you down you don't want you want to read the fucking tweets because that's going to be even worse so it's like with somebody like chris jericho who comes out here and says i'm not political yet. There is all this documentation about him. Him funding the trump campaign. Same thing with the fuck and undertaker. I didn't expect. I didn't know i should have known better. I undertake is going to be one of the good. Boys not means being very sarcastic. Like he's he's he's a trump supporter. Lula's matter all that shit. I didn't know that robot really the co opted black culture with the locks and shish. Y'all i was like what are you talking about. Your whole the whole reason you are here is because you started rapping and does we were acting black. Yes that's exactly what it is but that's where we're at now we're gonna find out sides of people that we really truly have to try to separate the person we see on tv from the individual who they are outside of that character. I mean shipman we watch. Wwe and vincent is a staunch trump supporter. We watch the. Ufc dana white spoke at the republican. National convention is probably pissed right now. What's going on you have to. That's just the way. America is stuff that we can do about it. People are fucked up. Now i don't know like do i. Not that's why. I have to separate like i look at his body of work as a pro wrestler versus the individual. That's why like for a lot of people. Lebron james is going to be the goat. It's not just what he did on the courts off. The court is different. So i don't even know how i look at jericho. The pro wrestler. I know how look at top ten. Yes but as an individual to time with pro wrestling and that with this. But that's the way the ball bounces specially pro wrestling fucking mma. Yes not like we necessarily cover the best of sports for minority progression. No not at all. So i'm not shocked. Not surprised she's crazy to see people put their stupidity on display me. It's not the show for this but tito ortiz one office. Yes so stupid. People are little shows me like people like we're fucking idiots. Yes yeah tommy. Topper ville can't football team anymore. But he's like a senator so it does this weird shit going on in weird areas of this country that we would. We'll never see those areas a day in our life but he's mall fugger they do some weird stuff out there. So yeah it's crazy. Let's take a quick break. Let's come back. Let's get into pro wrestling which we here for. We gotta talk chris. Jericho a w. is coming up. Full gear is this weekend so going to run through and preview the whole car. You gotta stay right there. We'll be right.

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