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Do people care about baseball. This way anymore. I feel like if this had happened. In nineteen eighty-five this would have been the biggest thing that happened in any sport that somebody was doing this we would have lost our fucking months and now it's like this this little let nice cute story that people are barely talking about. It's a five hundred baseball. The it's one of the most incredible athletic feats to do this in the modern age to do two different jobs at the same time where you're the best home run hitter and you're also a above average starter and you're doing the simultaneously. I feel like how have we. We've never talked about this on the podcast. You and me. And we were both enormous. Baseball guys are like huge. And i don't know if that red sox season last year turned me off to it too much between the mookie thing and then call an pitchers pitch and six years. Yeah don's gross is your. It was gross. You're red sox fan. I'm all the way lack this year with your back on it early. Couldn't believe it when the rotation would hold up like this. The bullpens been unbelievable. If feels like there's one big you know swing and miss guy in the rotation other than when of all these you know has his moments of like. Oh hey this guy's always been real right. Okay this is an awesome topic. And i actually think it's a bummer. For baseball because we care more nationally about each euro who was doing extraordinary things. But you kind of wanted to see because you you'd heard about him and bobby valentine was the guy being like i'm telling you this zero gig comes over here like wait g see. I'll never forget. Doug mikhailovich on the dan. Patrick show do an interview with the p and dad's like well he might win. Mvp and mckay which is like we better not like in this weird like patriotic. A.

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