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Road we have the one point two billion dollar aditjondro how me if it's actually beginning now i'm antiwar continue to see great advances and again it's not about spending we're looking at some great programs speed up the i 75 redo project by up to a decade a decade bachelor which would be huge but next week every day during the i have come out with some new initiative it really talked about infrastructure particularly environmental infrastructure we need to do a better with recycling obligation or an issue uh rural broadband in terms of better kinda activities import so there's a whole series of things every day of the week monday through friday i'll have something new uh that we should really looking hard at so continue this comebacks i i think i listened in six spending initiatives or program expansions that you discussed last night that sounds like an awful lot of spending an in maybe in some cases of big asked for the legislature which is still talking about rate relief a in income taxes for people that say look we've seen business taxes fall dramatically we seem to burden kind of shift to the the individual of our our we headed towards a collision course here between gene the legislature in your your priorities yeah well again let's make sure people get all the facts because one of the great things going on this year is there's two hundred million dollars so homestead property tax relief coming to michigan so this that's a huge number right there that we had already put in place so we've had a whole series of tax reductions in prior years so it's how.

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