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I it's not first of all and be like that's just an unfair arguments isn't dismissive towards anyone because she literally doesn't dismiss anyone because all she does keep talking yeah second thing i want to talk about is erica jane's just total interest in being alive during that unity i heard a reliable source hitting someone on twitter said it that she had a horrible migraine and i get that migrants to and if you're under studio lights and wearing full hair makeup and your here's pull docking opponent dell and you have migraine like you can't even breathe like i that's the truth either leave it and she when when she's talking like she literally his no emotion ivan moving eyebrows her face hurts so bad she's like yes she's not like yes you know what i mean yeah i don't know her behavior was bothering me and it made me feel like she's kind of over being housewife the migraine thing makes me feel a little bit better but i don't know like i get really terrible migrants in coupled with my hangovers and i had to show up to work that day and like bees human being like you sleek when spoken to you don't dismiss agree but i'm sorry when i have migraine don't even look at my way i'll fuck you up i know it's just unfortunate because it's unfortunate because i needed to hear from her yeah and i needed and what she doesn't do that house i do that some trouble but it also keeps them relevant is like she never offers her opinion on situations that have nothing to do with her which is probably smart but like sometimes someone needs someone to back them up and cleric did it would be dead done like if erica backup should read against teddy like no cheap back to re against lusa for the magazine thing magazine thing beverly hills up style.

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