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Thanks for your call mark brown would texas sirius satellite go right ahead sir hi marquardt in how europe great authority on so many things uh but i'm a rancher and i'm not saying i'm an authority on this i'm just giving you my opinion i don't pretend to be an authority on this okay but you know if i've got one hundred acre the landed i've got tian kao the ball on it and a year later on when they have 20 kale in the pool and and i've gotta do something with my i don't have a problem with that i don't have a problem with that but that's not the situation with elephants they don't produce that fast uh yeah no they don't it uh but there are alba habitat and i've been over to africa about twelve times i've helps uh bill for more finishes over there and do the people in zimbabwe will tell ya people need to come over here in and see how much of our crops elephants destroy they tear up their houses they they kill people and if you have a rampaging elephant i get that i understand that when we really not talking about that yeah i just the poachers come in when you don't have harming that shoots only the older animals poachers come in and i think the poachers should be shot when he think of that lutely absolutely uh brother i appreciate your call i understand there's disagreement on this i really do i'm just given ya maybe on kneejerk on but that's my opinion not one penny that's how much funding.

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