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It was around this time that John Wilkes booth made a new plan and a conspiracy to kidnap became a conspiracy to murder officially booth. Wanted revenge on the man who had defeated the confederacy booth. Famously hated Lincoln even before the war, but had believed that the south would triumph given a few lines from his diary such as on April fourteenth. When he wrote quote are caused being almost lost something decisive and great must be done and quote booth may have also believed that Lincoln's death would inspire discouraged confederate troops to resume fighting. That interpretation is just speculation. But the theory that booth wanted vengeance. Is widely accepted in addition to targeting Lincoln booth, also plotted to assassinate to other key members of the union government. Vice president Andrew Johnson and secretary of State William h Seward all three attacks would occur on the same night executed before the secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, or any other member of the government would know what was happening or stop the plot. While booth would target Lincoln two other conspirators would be tasked with the deaths of Johnson and Seward. On April fourteenth shortly after nine thirty pm booth arrived at the back door to Ford's theatre, his friend. Edmund Spangler was working backstage during that night's performance and booth asked him to watch his horse while he went inside Lincoln's box was only accessible from the lobby but booths plant escape route required him to have his horse ready and waiting at a backstage door to reach the lobby. He had to exit the theater without Spangler noticing and re enter through the front door all without.

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