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Fact he is also a clutch sports client is probably untouchable so maybe ingram instead of coups mo or all but i think coups probably will be there i would would san antonio really wanna take on lonzo ball is i don't i just the lakers to me are much better off having these young guys play a season with lebron learn the game from the blonde lebron learn how to be a professional from lebron get a little bit of playoff experience under their belt next spring and then look to make a move in free agency next summer maybe i leonard i think klay thompson is a free agent i mean it's all speculation of course but i don't think that trading all these assets they spent years tanking to get for one player is going to put them on the level with with golden state and so just to go back you would have you would have warriors rockets celtics lakers as your power right now i can tell you right now it's golden state houston boston and then lakers seventy sixers or right there for fourth but it's a very clear top three and the lakers are not in it and i mean look there's there's discussion whether leaguers do need betrayed for qui because they thought they were not going to have to trade for paul george they gamble the not give up assets but then paul george was able to be rude bye okay see we'll see what happens with kawhi leonard that's but that doesn't that doesn't seem necessary imminent question is and it's talking for that piece you know nick bogdanovich said that they might put up a season prop for scoring average for lebron just figuring out ways to generate handle on props obviously there's going to be a yes no for the playoffs so you guys do maybe even the division things either for the golden knights visitors increased interest where they quote unquote local team with the lakers what are what other conversations are having the lakers are the local team we both know that and they're they're going to be big business all year we've already talked about the yes no playoff price we've already talked about the wind total we haven't gotten into player props for the season we haven't gotten into home wins over under we could certainly have those conversations down the line i think those are all good ideas because there's going to be so much interest in this team that we would write money in pools like that but we're definitely going to have up their playoff yes no and the division and the wind total sometime in august i was surprised to murray that nick had said that the lakers would be the most bet team even past even more than golden state agreed with that aren't they will for sure i know that when i first got into this business lakers were one of the best teams in the league team of doug referenced and every night when the lakers were playing the book was just completely packed and we had a we had to keep guys overtime if the lakers covered the second half line because everybody in here was betting on the lakers betting on the lakers second half i mean they were the only game in town at that time and they have lebron james i think they're going to reach something close to that level of popularity again i they're not going to be as good they're not i i really don't think they can contend for a championship as they're constructed but they're going to be the most bet on team for sure in this leak into that point and this is a quote i did not include the article that was thinking about it and we go at it is at salmon's explain to me so why the warriors are no longer going to be like the lakers because basically when the warriors added kevin durant so for the past two seasons a lot of their home point spreads have been between like twelve and eighteen yeah so that is not as enticing for people to that when you have these double digit lines and it's just not as stimulating i guess 'cause it's garbage time is included whereas the lakers are going to have more moral point spreads than that strike zone of three to seven so that's gonna do some more accident so that's another reason that the lakers drew heavily bet than the warriors that's something i didn't think about that i thought was great point they're going to be under dog money lines.

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