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Cooper ready at a pretty good. Donald it over the last several sometimes David it's harder to handle a real good talented hockey tube. I'm not an isn't because personalities manual gotta deal with the personality coupe is done. A magnificent job doing that. Well, let's get to tonight scratches injuries Lloyd to give recall camera gods from Syracuse. He is. An extra tonight. He will not be in the lineup stall Girardi still injured Callahan. Martelli other healthy scratch is still out injured for Arizona. Nick schmaltz out for the year. Kyle capital Bianco young defense for the year. Derek step on an Ozzy. Rhonda also injured the other scratches are illion lebowski Christian Fisher. Heaven vast lusty gets the start for the lightning thirty four eight four eight two point two eight goals gets to the point ninety nine. Save percentage. Darcy campers having a great season second half of the year, specifically twenty four sixteen and six a two point four nine goals against any point nine two one. Save percentage in the first period. Vassil asking the lightning defendant to our Lupton skate left to right in their home. Blue jerseys numbers Kemper in the coyotes will defend the net to our right and move right to left in the first of the road, whites red numbers black sleeves opening up next lightning and Arizona coyotes for me arena lighting radio Irish thirty one is. Pump for their fourth years and officials sports bar the Tampa Bay Lightning hitting you Emily arena for the game. Watch.

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