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Know we really we have this strange connection about ethics in this country and we really do joining us to kind of discuss this is author of beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior is doctor Stephen Manson it's a pleasure documents are it's it's really a pleasure to have you with us so the question is is it okay to take office supplies home with you any yet that same person would never steal from you is there duality here are are we talking about one cut fits all explain well I think taking anything from an office that doesn't belong to you is wrong some may say office supplies is a pretty small thing and or everybody does it doesn't make it right one of the problems is when you do something that's wrong that may be a small thing and get away with it can lead to greater things such as taking software programs that you don't have licensing for access off a company computer that would be another sharing data files that you don't have the right to do so ethics is consistency in behavior and the more you practice ethics the baby you get at it so yeah I mean I tell people when I tell my students ask yourself one question how would you feel if you were a child about what you would do it so he took office supplies why don't you allow your son or daughter to take crayons from school yeah school so no I don't it's tough I don't I had a friend a childhood friend who stopped talking to me years ago because she was on slippery ground in my opinion ethically with her ex husband and going into the computer and finding emails that she had no business reading and I said you can just drop this is I said it's not healthy for you or for him and right you know there's a place where you have to say it's enough I can't I I don't know I just felt it creeped me out it really creeped me out in a big way right the reading emails out of spouse or a bigger issue today issued children because they can get into trouble and be on the wrong website it was a matter of trust the other party will not trust you it says switch to doing no say well if he or she is reading my emails what else might they be doing to invade my privacy right so why are some of the reasons what are some of the reasons why people fail to engage in ethical behavior even when they know something is wrong what makes people do this one thing is they think they can get away with it so there's some people that just look at things that way it's very self centered others face sort of it's a manifestation of what we call ethical blindness being aware of the facts and ethical issues exist in a decision that a person is making we could say it's a lack of education in Essex which I think is a problem in society today that many people have different ideas about ethics which you you mentioned earlier what's right what's wrong how do we know that one of the core values we all should live by I mean if we can agree is that society that honesty integrity trustworthiness fair treatment respect responsibility just to name a few if there's no agreement within society that these are ethical values that to drive our behavior then we have what we have which is a lot of conflict because people view ethics differently right you know I have I have to say that your your book really beyond happiness in meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior do we even know are we are we even teaching things like this in in school today the sort of things I address in the book would be covered in philosophy courses ethics courses if it's taken which in many cases is no longer required other than that it would probably depend on the teacher if the teacher is committed to teaching the students these kinds of things so interested otherwise not some teachers don't feel comfortable teaching ethics because they think they're preaching but again it's common standards of behavior in the golden rule since we can agree that we should treat others the way we wish they would treat us then again you have this blockage this blindness that creates a barrier the ethical behavior so if it's taught in schools I think it's in the form of ethical relativism which is you pick and choose who on Netflix well that can't be right how we are going to deal with each other and I think this is a problem of civility different people have different views of what civility is or isn't and we see this played out everyday with politicians on cable news and I always say we need to learn have disagreed with each other without being disagreeable and were far way off from that right I'm so I I think that the the question is how are you see see people that will argue that it's not morally wrong to take something and they can justify that that's my question is for it we're we're in the big where's the basic education coming from because I'm not sure I mean I was taught right from wrong in my own home and that was a really might my late father used to do use just screaming as words are man's worst weapon be careful what you say I mean he was solo cognition of of actions and words at all right all right you know I'm I'm so grateful that I had that kind of a a solid you know beginning but but when do you push the envelope when desperation comes in it feels like you can justify anything Dr right right you can rationalize on as a deer something right exactly it's a one time thing I did this once they won't do it again that sort of thing in the workplace pressured to do one ethical things from time to time by superiors in order to fix the numbers just to give one example yeah yeah it's so found fascinating conversation this Steven Mintz M. the website go ahead and give it in the book is called beyond hopping missing meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior in the best website is my name which is Steven man's ethics it's all one word Steven Mintz season with the team.

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