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Page for the summary director comey also had conversations with deputy attorney general gates about insisting that a special counsel we import appointed the closer they got to the election but his statement yates was really to pressure the doj doj to induce the department to move more quickly to obtain the mills and samuel listen culling laptops and to complete the investigation i see decisions with respect to directly commes statements on july second october twentieth all driven by politics and so we just had a conversation about whether what's going to control the timelines of investigations again i i i see politics driven throughout this do you not if i could address the preface your question sessions and rain i have an understanding that we're going to have a candidate relationship we recognize some of the things went wrong may have involved personal interactions between leaders of the department that's not going to happen on our watch with regard to the inspector general's report i wasn't there the inspector guaranteed a very thorough investigation i would have to respect his conclusions little bit about the special counsel how is the power of the special counsel limited special counsel has the same powers as us attorney correct within the scope of his responsibility yes a us attorney can be discharged will by the president a senate confirmed attorney cam we also have some nonsense confirmed you turns but there's but the regulation that appoints special counsel does not provide for such correct greg has to be subordinate official so unlike a us attorney can be fired by the attorney general which are us attorney we technically require the president's there's a question about subordinate and i just wanted to ask you that there's some of the legal community have made an argument that mr mueller's appointment violates the appointments clause of the constitution essentially pointing out that he is operating as a principal officer instead of an inferior officer which does require presidential nomination senate confirmation your where these arguments and do you have an opinion on them yes i'm aware of the arguments i believe the wrong law professors are free to make whatever oregon say like defendants can make whatever arguments they like in heaven adjudicated i'm fairly confident that the argument is wrong this is a c span radio programming from thursday doubled ucsb from washington question about the frustration that we've had with respect to documents and actions i think i've heard you say today that you want to help us with what you call the congressional oversight that you would provide information that we need to fill fill fill our duties who is the arbiter of what is legitimate and what you think we need as opposed to us making that decision i didn't intend to use legitimate in that context all what you're doing is legitimate the question would be whether or not a particular document was withheld for a proper reason in my understanding congressman i know you aren't personally involved in these discussions mr lau she is my understanding is that we actually have a fair amount of agreement with regard to understand where this is all coming from because we see things that are redacted that you have acted things that are redacted to protect somebody at the fbi whether its relationship with strachan and the judge or with respect to the credibility of a witness in the flynn investigation there redacted they shouldn't have been in that it just adds to our documents are withheld and then you go out and say something about extortion extortion documents or other threats that have been a crime i think the word was extortion isn't there an element of of money or property value in that and it adds to the environment that has not been helpful as we look for the information as we conduct our our legitimate site i appreciate that when i think what i said was something to the effect that the department will not be extorted wasn't allegation of crime so well again you have to you have to.

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