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Plenty of password but the but he he tabta out after press and then he went to log and his password somewhere realize he has an app entered it reveals sleep extract against his lawyer pointed that so yeah that's certainly half kofi but that is a word i think we'll survive 2017 in and bring us into a new era now that i mean if if twitter kid base its earnings on just pure joy that it helps may like just a moment of and it it's this kind of this need to be the first one like i think it happened at five five o f i am so there were a lot of people like on the west coast i think that we're like still up and on twitter it was were on the bed yeah and just like the fact that maybe you are the first person three tweeted or the first joke you know the first everything like that that is sort of there's a whole community on twitter that i find joy in which is the but there since like i'm going to be first to make the coffee joke 'cause like you know by the day after it wasn't funny anymore jabhat halfway into that i gotta go a good either but he itself affords four run rightly we are in its yet mm oh let's see boy what a year this has been it's been of america in in hindsight out in that quite a crazy a year all round while musburger tired when you what mike lacoss burg retired effect that was in july and they talked quite a bit about two july was the tenth anniversary of the iphone a released june was i guess and they tucked we talked quite a bit about the first four reviewers said the world has changed completely you know a effect apple if you just look at apple alone uh in in in uh two two thousand seven when they released the first iphone uh the the four reviewed units went out to walk mossberg of the wall street journal at big of usa today david pogue who was at the time at the new york times and uh thethese stephen leave he was in newsweek the print journalism was ascendant and uh it's funny because here we were doing podcasts the time thinking g in a will never get a you we never got an.

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