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Arlington County Police are investigating a deadly shooting on Columbia Pie going to police say it started early this morning. They got a report of gunshots being fired in the 3000 block of Columbia Pike. That's between Walter Reed and Glebe. They say to people then reported to a local hospital with gunshot wounds that were not life threatening. Then later, they found a deceased person inside a car in the 3200 block of Columbia Pike that's near the Audi dealership. They closed off streets in the area for their investigation. They're asking that anyone who may have information regarding these incidents give Arlington police a call in South Arlington, Sandy coz l W T O P News, 12 12. A man is dead after a shooting in Prince George's County, Prince George's county, police say while responding to the sound of gunshots at around three this morning, officers found the man shot multiple times in a car, the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Brooks Drive. Anyone with information in the case should call Prince George's County Police. The building of the Purple Line has highlighted a need for better sidewalks in crosswalks near the future light rail stations. That's according to a new analysis commissioned by Montgomery County. The analysis found many stations air surrounded by road with narrow to no sidewalks and cars driving at speeds around 40 miles an hour. Recommendations for the short term, are lowering speeds within 1/2 mile radius to 25 miles per hour and making crosswalks more visible in the long term. Re analysis calls for wider sidewalks and bypass that are separated from traffic. If you see in the movie remember the Titans? It's based on a true story of the integration of high school football team from Alexandria that went on to win the state championship. Well, now there's a petition to change the name of T. C. Williams High School. Tell me one nice thing about TC Williams. Mark Solomon started the petition to change the name of the school TC. Williams was the superintendent from the 19 thirties to 1963 who was a vocal segregationist. Solomon has talked in the past with others about trying to change the name now in the midst of the black lives matter, Protests said, Hey, you know, we talked about this at the time, and they said Yep. It's time after a couple of weeks, several 1000 names around the petition which will be submitted to the school board, the Lord consisting W T O P knows 12 14 on Fox News this morning, DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes. Norton spoke about the influence that protests against racial injustice have had on legislation passed this week in the House to crack down on excessive police force. The impatience in the streets is why we have the legislation that was passed the Policing Act in Congress. Last week. The pit with speed, the streets have spoken to the people they send to Congress, and that is how a democracy works. Norton says. There has never been a reaction so quick from Congress and after the death of George Floyd, Democrats in the House help pushed through the bill, but it's not expected to go far in the Senate, where Republicans have their own competing bill. Two parties have not been able to come to a compromise on police reforms. Ah movement to bring awareness to black lives matter Movement is gaining momentum with an unlikely industry. The black is beautiful initiative is asking breweries all over the country to brew for a cause. Neighbor recalled weathered souls in Texas is providing a stout recipe toe. Other brewers who sign onto user stout recipe and label to sell. The campaign calls for the companies to donate 100% of the South sale and then give it to nonprofits who support the cause. So far, over 900 brewers have signed up. There are 16 in Maryland and another 32 in Virginia. Erica Murphy. W T. O P News Sports.

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