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Yes I mean that's what I should do attempt of course it is contempt of court but no one's doing anything I don't got a all right sports weather traffic of you want sports channel of weather traffic okay because we've got we've got issues traffic issues white out conditions Logan canyon you SAT nine the road is closed both directions from beaver mountain to Garden City multiple slide off please do not attempt to drive Logan canyon after this time wow and you can't drive little cottonwood canyon even if you wanted to several avalanches happened after resorts Aaron on the roads they say no people were hurt our cars correct but eight to nine feet deep AH avalanche of covering the road that they're having to deal with so they're saying at no opening today for alto or Snowbird they were close yesterday too he said that's the first time in a long time that they've been close for two days in a row if you are going to try to go up big cottonwood canyon the traction laws are in effect they're also not crash in the middle of the intersection forty seven south twenty some of the west several people are working to move that car out of the way crash south on US ninety one your Baxter hollow this is inserting came in like we were just talking about crash south and a to fifteen approaching IT west interchange right shoulder is blocked not causing delays they're in a crash she's down I eighty at the top of the on ramp from State Street two right lanes are blocked forcing drivers to merge to the left no it's not I see his rationing what happened but it's the water on the road I.

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